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Evaluați ca 1 din 5, Nu mi-a plăcut deloc. Evaluați ca 2 din 5, Nu mi-a plăcut atât de mult.

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Evaluați ca 3 din 5, Cred că a fost bună. Evaluați ca 4 din 5, Mi-a plăcut.

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Evaluați ca 5 din 5, Am adorat. At the start of the novel Meg is dating another doctor named Emily, and Sanne is finding that her life seems to be falling a bit apart. Sanne also gets a new case with her partner Nelson.

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The death of a man in one of the more undesirable parts of the city. Of course, it doesn't stay a simple case for long. And then Sanne has the added pressure of helping Meg through her violent brother coming back into the picture as well.

A minimum rating of 1 star is required. Numele dvs. Please fill in your name. Rachel 5 out of 5 rating Nice walk, although the section after the palace itself is best tackled after a spell of dry weather.

It took me a little while to get back into the characters and their journeys, but once I did I really liked this book. The characters are realer than a lot of characters in lesbian romances or pretty much most genre fictionand how they go about their lives and do their jobs is super organic as well.

They're not perfect and neither are their lives just like in real life.

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I got this advanced galley through Netgalley on behalf of Bold Strokes Books. I may say that after each book of hers that I read but it doesn't make the statement less true.

I enjoyed the case, the characters, and the relationship.

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I liked it all. Combine that with the author's fantastic writing skills and the superb editing and proofreading muddy walks dating it's a winner!

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I received a copy of the book from the publisher via NetGalley. Meniu subsol.