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Rent A Car Targu Mures - Luxury and cheap car rental from 13€ - EuroCars

Targu Mures or "the city of the roses" is a city that is a beautiful mix of both Romanian and Hungarian influences.

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It dates back to the 14th century and it became the seat of the supreme court of justice of the Principality of Transylvania in the 18th century. Targu Mures developed economically throughout time through the activity of the guilds or groups of craftsmen.

Visitors will definately appreciated the Roses Square, lined with cafes, restaurants, churches and monuments.

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More information about Targu Mures EuroCars Mures also offers you the chance to see where you can get a place to stay in while in Targu Mures. By following the link More on Targu Mures you can see what Romanians do for fun in Mures, what are the most popular places to go to for a chat with your friends over a cup of ghirarie de la guild dating or what are the greatest museums to visit to enhance your knowledge of Romanian culture and civilization.

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The minimum age to rent a car in Targu Mures must be at least 21 years old. Check your car rental provider if you are under the age of Drivers must hold a valid national or international driver's license issued at least one year ago. The license should match the class of the rental car. How much does it cost car rental in Targu Mures?


On average a rental car in Targu Mures costs 25 Euro per day. Average daily price per day is different depending on the month of the year.

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What you need to know to get a cheap car hire deal? Renting in February ­compared with August can bring down the average one-week rental by Euro.

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Can I have an additional driver when I rent a car in Targu Mures? Will you be the only driver?

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Thinking of sharing the driving? EuroCars offers car rental deals in Targu Mures that allow you to sign on an additional driver at no extra cost. Some of our car rental partners are offering you an opportunity to add more drivers on your rental contract for free!

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The best location to hire a car in Targu Mures is downtown or at the airport? When booking your car hire, you have to consider your pick-up location in Targu Mures.

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See more of Romania with a Rental car in Targu Mures Renting a car is such a common part of the travel experience which is true for Romania too. Skip public transportation and book a rental car in Targu Mures with EuroCars and enjoy the best local attractions across Romania and visit the surrounding countryside. Targu Mures is a great starting city for a road trip in Romania.

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