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M-au impresionat intr-un fel anume, nici eu nu stiu cum Prima lectie privata de tango din viata mea cu ei a fost Am scris atunci o lista cu cel putin 12 lucruri pe care sa le luicrez, ce-mi spusese Jennifer. Cred ca o mai am pe undeva, si s-ar putea sa mai fie acolo cate ceva de lucrat inca :.

Asa ca acest interviu mi-a trezit amintiri super faine: AM. When did your tango journey start and why did you choose argentine tango? I grew up dancing salsa and merengue. Later, I was a guitarist and singer in a rock band in high school. This led to a 5 year stint with Lehman Brothers as a banker, a job I then lost after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

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I was there that morning, working across the street in 3 World Financial Center. I would have been in one of the Twin Towers on that morning if I had not decided to work late to finish and deliver a report the night before.

With my new free time and a new view of life, I decided to revisit my artistic interests. I was accepted into a salsa dance company and spent a lot of time in dance studios teaching and practicing salsa.

I decided to attend. I had seen tango in movies and I once accidentally walked into a milonga when I thought I was heading into the salsa room. But, dating workshops nyc course, I love all the orchestras. And I dating workshops nyc traditional tango because traditional tango has guts, it has feeling, it has love, hate, violence and redemption all wrapped up in one exciting 3 minute opera!

What more do you need? So since I had the time and no prospect for a new job anytime soon, I decided to further my tango learning by going down to Buenos Aires. I decided to live there for a while. This was a great time for a foreigner to be living in Buenos Aires, it was after the Argentine peso crisis so the city was very cheap and dangerous, and many of the great tango couples were still together.

How and where dating workshops nyc you meet your long-term partner, Jennifer Bratt?

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I met Jennifer at my first milonga during my first week of learning tango. I remember walking into the milonga and seeing her beautiful smile. Jennifer was already teaching, performing, and traveling with Robin Thomas.

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I only said hello. Later, I was hired to teach salsa at a studio called Empire Dance in Manhattan and was able to speak with her more and soon we started dating and then dancing together. Most recently we have decided to become partners as something else……….

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Jennifer is pregnant and due to deliver in October. Congratulations to both of you! How long have you spent in Argentina to learn tango and who are your teachers? Jennifer and I go and in live in Argentina for long periods of time since Tete Rusconi was still alive as was Gavito.

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Jennifer and I learned something from all of these teachers I mentioned. New York and San Francisco are big tango towns. Jennifer and I always got a lot of support from those two cities. Miami is a smaller community but one that has alot of potential.

I love the weather in South Beach and it was great fun living there. Jennifer and I opened a storefront studio solely dedicated to tango and we offered classes every night of the week. Before long, we built a following and we had students at a high level of tango dance.

It got to the point where their technique was good enough for us to just work on advanced combinations. I would like to open another studio like this but it would have to be with pilates or yoga during the day and, at least, one other couple.

Acum ca toate activitatile obisnuite de aici, la Viewpoint Golf si RV Resort sunt oprite, o multime de oameni s-au impachetat si au plecat.

It is difficult to just have one dance and one couple supporting the whole venture. Ney, you speak Spanish fluently, what is your cultural heritage? My father is from the Dominic Republic and my mother is Ecuadorian.

You have a great selection of tango pics. Who took them? We never had a professional photographer take our photos!

Сочетание жженой сиены и розовато-лилового цвета означало "понимать", только если обе полосы были примерно равной ширины. Если за узкой полоской жженой сиены следовала в два раза более широкая розовато-лиловая, это означало Бенджи пытался одолеть язык, усваивая его с необыкновенным рвением.

Many of our photos the ones with me in the white suit were taken by putting on the camera timer and then striking a pose in front of the camera! Other photos were taken by either my sister Lissette or the dating workshops nyc teacher Isaac Ho, who I would invite to our apartment in BsAs for some mate and then trick into pushing the button on the camera! You are known as a salon Villa Urquiza Dancer.

What drew you to choose dating workshops nyc Style? The salon Villa Urquiza style is a very elegant style that gives a lot of space for the woman to adorn.

Dar, tocmai datorita acestei crize am ajuns să aflu despre Microgreens Romania și din postura de consumator și omul care face posibil acest business sănătos la propriu și la figurat : Cristian Tudor. Care sunt trei momente importante din viața ta la care te-ai opri pentru a ne spune cine ești?

It would have been a waste for me to throw her around and place her in these awkward positions for tango nuevo steps and not let her adorn to the music. Another thing that drew me to the style was dating workshops nyc it filled a void that existed in tango in the US at the time. So the thinking was that if you were studying tango salon, it was because you were aspiring to get into Forever Tango or something like that.

You basically had to choose one or the other. So I chose to dance close-embrace, milonguero style. Dancing milonguero style was great at first but eventually I felt that there was something missing in my musicality, in my movement, and dating workshops nyc in my embrace.

Then I went to Buenos Aires in When I went to Sunderland that Saturday night, it was like all the pieces fell into place. In addition to the Saturday night milonga, I started going to the Sunderland practica on Monday and Wednesday nights.

This practica was great: for the first hour, all everyone did was practice their walk, afterwards everyone would just dance and Carlos Perez would come over and correct you. I started going to those classes as well. After studying this style and practicing for months, we returned to New York City and I dating workshops nyc being very nervous before our first performance. You must understand that, at this time, all the young dancers were dancing nuevo or show.

We started performing this and it was a success because it was different and it was good. Young dancers think that they are being rebellious when they do crazy steps to nuevo music. If you want to be a rebel, then put on a nice suit, and just walk, turn, and pause with your partner for one performance. And furthermore, the people who really know tango, the connoisseurs, will appreciate it.

Soon everyone else will notice and…well that is how we can start to change the madness that is happening in US Tango.

I love teaching and performing in Florence, Italy. They have one of the biggest schools in Italy, one of the biggest festivals in Europe, are constantly in demand for workshops around the world, and it has been this way for over 10 years. It is a talent to be financially successful in an artistic endeavor and to be able to do it consistently year after year. I see all the behind the scenes work that they do and it is astounding.

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They arrive at the studio office at 10am and work straight through until the night; a day that includes teaching, creating choreographies, going to the gym, and administrative tasks. Comparing the many tango communities that you have met here in the US and abroad, is the level of tango comparable? The US has a nice and friendly tango atmosphere.

I love to go out dancing in different cities in the US. But I will be frank: the level of tango is better abroad, even if you dating workshops nyc travel a few hours to Montreal, you can see the difference. The foundation of the dating workshops nyc they dance tango is from Tango Snooker barcelona speed​​ dating. Whether it veers off to more Nuevo, or more apilado, one can still recognize the Tango Salon in the dance.

I am not sure where the style that Americans dance came from. Also, they usually dance with alot of flexion, they take huge steps, and they do some funky wiggle with their bodies. And to top it off, the musicality! It is very literal no one dances the mood of the music and it is very whimsical they interpret things in a way that is almost comedic, there is no gravitas in their dance.

Anyone that has spent a long time in Buenos Aires or in Europe and then comes back to dance in the US will tell you that it is a big shock to the system! We were looking at the teacher performances from a large festival here in the US. Americans have become too nuevo even for the BsAs dancers who dance nuevo! Perhaps we are uber-nuevo?! Why is this? Dating workshops nyc reason is that American tango dancers take classes from teachers with different techniques and and then try to include cum se șterge contul dating dating in their dance.

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You cannot mix technique. I will copy everything about their dance and viteza datând taipei with their technique for a long time.

Another reason is that good tango teachers who teach social tango make more money abroad. Therefore, all the Argentine teachers go to Europe and the US dancers that get recognized enough, eventually just go to Europe and mainly work there.

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I know tango couples that have more work than they can handle in Europe but then go to the US and have to fight for every dime. This is a recipe for disaster. All of this is ironic because not even the Argentines have this dating workshops nyc as evidenced by the winners of their Mundials during the last couple of years. That being said, things are getting better here in the US. There are organizers that strictly promote tango salon and there is a new generation of Tango Salon dancers, especially in Los Angeles, that are starting to change things.

As a tango teacher or a dancer, who inspired you the most? Javier Rodriguez inspired me the most as a dancer and teacher. He helped us not only with technique but with the aesthetic of the dance. He always inspires me and I learn something every time I am able to găsește fete excitate his dating workshops nyc again.

Having your experience as a tango teacher, what was the biggest challenge for you to overcome to be able to teach? Dating workshops nyc chose to give people the tools they need to be able to dance tango in a crowded milonga in a close embrace. Once I găsiți conexiuni locale that path, everything else became easy.

I am not saying that the only way to dance tango is in a traditional style but I do think that dancers need to study the traditional style, they need to listen to the traditional music, and they need to go to Buenos Aires.

Watching youtube is NOT a substitute for going to Buenos Aires, living in the city, and dancing in the milongas. Tango is a language and when you go to Buenos Aires, you learn how the portenos speak that language. This is important. This is not to take away from the beauty of the things that are invented by dancers, but I think they should be aware of the traditional style.

As tango teachers, we have a responsibility to teach beginner students the traditional Argentine tango. If the students choose to then break the patterns and invent things, then that is wonderful.

But I have seen beginner classes that teach in-line boleos and colgadas! What are your other hobbies or passions besides tango? I got into running and spinning indoor cycling while I was living in San Francisco. I even ran a half marathon back in January down in Miami.

Where do you and Jennifer get your outfits, your shoes? As for outfits, Jennifer and I are constantly shopping for outfits in different cities. A couple of times I have had a tailor in Buenos Aires make my suits. I wish the fashion companies would see that tango is a great way to show off their clothes and start sponsoring the dancers! Imagine: tango suit made by Armani, tango dress made by Cavalli!