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Play In a recent video presented on Tuesday at his house in Valea Zalanului - Covasna County, Prince Charles pleads with Romanians to spend their holidays in their homeland and discover its "incredible riches", noting that Romania is "admirable" and "astonishingly diverse". The five-minute clip by British journalist Charlie Ottley, producer of the Wild Carpathia documentary series that explores Romania's scenic beauty and culture, promotes the Romanian tourism industry.

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Prince Charles, who provides the narrating voice of the film, says that he first came to Romania 20 years ago and that he discovered an amazing country, that holds a special place in his heart and that makes him feel at home every time he comes to visit. Romania has an historic legacy that stretches back to the Dacian fortresses and the Greek cities of Histria and Argamun.

To find such a huge wealth of natural and cultural diversity under a single flag is quite remarkable, and is one of the features which makes Romania such a unique and special corner of Europe. So too is the determination of the Romanian people to preserve and protect their heritage, to coreean dating holidays fast to their crafts and traditions and to retain the very best of the past whilst building a brighter future.

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I'm so glad that Romania's many treasures are becoming known and appreciated by a growing number of people," Prince Charles says in the film. His Highness urges Romanians to discover their country and be proud of their nature, wildlife, gastronomy, traditions and culture.

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It has been a time of huge uncertainty and anxiety, not just for the safety of those closest to us, our friends and our families, but also for the future welfare and livelihoods of so many people. All around the world countries shut their borders and it became necessary for people to stop traveling.

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I do know just what a devastating effect this has had on the tourism industry, on hotels, restaurants and other tourist businesses, and on the millions of jobs that depend on them, but staying at home can offer so many wonders to explore and discover. As restrictions are lifted, people will want to travel again and to rediscover the world around them.

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Understandably, many will want to jump on an aeroplane and swap the familiar for a breath of foreign air. However, now is also the ideal time to rediscover one's roots and reconnect with one's heritage.

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I have every confidence that Romanians who do so will find much to delight them and to give them the greatest pride in their country," says the Prince of Wales. Voicing his regret that the pandemic has hindered him from traveling to Romania this year, the Prince says that he will continue to plead for the protection of Romania's "unique treasures".

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I can dating site- ul aspergers my forbearers all the way back to Vlad Tepes, which may explain why each time I visit, there is a coreean dating holidays of me that feels at home.

For as long as I am able, I will continue to champion the importance of protecting and celebrating Romania's unique treasures, her villages, her coreean dating holidays buildings, her food and drink and her precious biodiversity, her wildlife and majestic forests. There is so much to coreean dating holidays and domestic tourism has such great potential to create jobs and bring prosperity to even the most remote rural areas, so I can only encourage all Romanians to rediscover the incredible riches within the borders of your remarkable country, and when it becomes possible for me to travel to Romania again, it will be a precious moment to cherish," concludes Prince Charles.

The director of the film, Charlie Ottley, who confessed to loving Romania more than any country in the world, reinforced this message, calling in his turn on Romanians to spend their holidays in the country, to discover Romania and spend their money at home and not abroad, because this way they will support domestic tourism. The host of the event was Count Tibor Kálnoky, who manages Prince Charles' guest house in Valea Zalanului, but who also owns properties in Miclosoara and Valea Zalanului - Covasna County, which are open for tourists to visit.

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