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Play the Axis forces to conquer the most valuable prize of all: the Suez Canal. Or command the 8th Army soldiers, the famous Desert Rats, to repel the invaders.

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Afrika Korps contains many scenarios, covering different periods of the war in the North African desert in Libya and Egypt, from to late Small scenarios cover the famous battles of the Crusader or BattleAxe operations, or the fight for El Alamein campaign. Or a second one with a campaign start in the Spring when the Afrika Korps first arrives, while the third covers the war from onwards.

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Scenario durations last from 4 turns for the smaller ones to over 42 turns, each representing a two-week period between April and December plus the months in the Italian Offensive scenario. The Axis have numerous but poorly led and badly organized Italian forces at the start of the game, but their German reinforcements, although of the best quality and despite being few in numbers, may prove afrika dating if used wisely and not exhausted in violent battles.

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The Commonwealth and Allied troops must hold sometimes desperately against the initial onslaught and vastly superior strength of their enemy, but they will progressively get the upper hand with better equipment, more troops and adequate commanders in the long run. They need to hold and save Suez, then fight back and send the enemy all the way back to Tunisia while the operation Torch will send the signal of the end for the enemy in North Africa.

Be afrika dating of the potential weakness of some quality but small units and, above all, watch your supply lines, as no war can be undertaken in the desert without adequate logistics.

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The mastery of your supplies and communication networks will be the key of victory…or defeat. The game's event cards allow full replay ability thanks to the numerous various situations that they create on the diplomatic, military, political or economical fields.

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Estimated Playtime: afrika dating 1h00 to many hours Favored Side: none.