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Istoric modificări 3.

wp plugin

Tagged for WP 5. Fixed issue that caused blanking of unused native WP fields when updating the WP-Members user profile.

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Fixed issue in both user email confirmation and password reset links when username contains a space space was not url encoded. Fixed issue in password reset link if user login value is truncated, causing the user ID to not be found. Default value is 0. It adds a new email for user email validation during registration. Revised email validation for cleaner use wp plugin moderated registration is active. Now, if registration is moderated, user must validate their email before notification is sent to admin.

User cannot wp plugin in until admin approves the user. Revised email validation now has custom email.

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Previously, this was run at the default priority This update moves it to priority 20 so a custom redirect set at the default priority will run first. Fixes issue with attachment URLs in user profile view when used in multisite. HTML5 does not support this attribute for this input type. This involved a change to how fields were loaded for both display and validation so that now it is a singular process.

Fix issues with WooCommerce registration integration. Fix issue that caused users to not be properly set when moderated registration is used along with BuddyPress and users are created manually.

Fix issue in WP CLI wpmem settings command that caused error to be displayed when viewing content settings. This option will become the default setting in 3. Added optional login error message to fully utilize the WP login error.

Updated the default product restricted message to display required membership s.

wp plugin

Note this only affects the default message if no custom membership message is established in the membership wp plugin. It will continue to display mă întâlnesc cu un tip cu aspergers hyperlink by default, but accepts arguments to display as a button.

Index of /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/admin/plugin-updates

Also added ID and class options for link or button. Added action hooks to membership product admin screen. Updated WooCommerce registration handling.

Added WP-CLI commands see release announcement and documentation for more information on specific commands. This will allow for better integration with other plugins such as Search Exclude. This prevents previously hidden posts from being included if the post type is no longer included for WP-Members.

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This corrects issues with Advanced Options extension, and also keeps the value loaded for use outside of WP-Members email function. Fixed issue with dropdown, mutliple select, and radio field types that allowed white space in resulting value.

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Fixed issue with hidden posts when membership products are used. Hidden posts not assigned a membership remained hidden. Changed email actions to fire at priority See release announcement for more detail of implications. Code improvement to excerpt generation. Code improvement to expiration date generation.

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Code improvement to hidden posts when using membership products. Update display of membership product slugs to text instead of a form input.

Plugin-ul WordPress se integrează cu:

Fixes a bug in the membership renewal that sets the individual date meta forward two periods instead of one. Fixes a bug in the hidden fields lookup that caused hidden posts with a membership limitation to not display to users who had a matching membership.

But somewhere along the line, some menu-focused plugins began using it in their custom walkers.

wp plugin

By not using it in WP-Members, that caused some problems for users who also used one of those other plugins or wp plugin. Including all 3. This targets an issue specifically affecting users with wp plugin WP-Members Security extension installed.

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Allows for no default membership assigned at registration. It was intended to introduce separate selection of fields for registration and profile update in 3. However, there is an issue that causes profile fields to both 1 not correctly display and 2 if they do, they do not update correctly.

The problem can be corrected manually, but this fix applies the custom URL to the new standard setting for the defaults.

wp plugin

This was due to the database version being wiped when settings were updated. This fix correctly applies the database version when updating settings.

The validate function should have been declared and used as a static method. This fix declares validate as static and then uses it as such.

wp plugin