Treizeci de flacără de dating

treizeci de flacără de dating

Femeie, 30, Necasatorit a Murfatlar, Constanta Romania destul de isteata si cu simtul umorului dezvoltat I have an active social position.

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I am also charming, romantic, sensual and tender. Kind, soft and appeasing in a relationship. I always listen to and hear the wishes of my partner. I am real and honest in the relationship.

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As all the ladies I am emotional, but I quickly calm down and do not take offense for a long time. I do not like conflicts and often choose to avoid them. I am positive and cheerful.

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I like to live in harmony and peace and may be this is my inspiration. I stay calm in any situation and I think it helps me to understand better situation.

A fost semnatar al Chartei 77, dizident și luptător anticomunist.

I am real and show my real feelings. In general I can describe myself for hours. The most important is that I have kind heart and always good intentions.

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Lastly, I believe in real love. I prefer to stay active.

Societate Vreau un partener de suflet.

I believe that no sublim person can exist because all of us have both positive and negative character features. In my opinion, I am closer to a idilic modern woman because I am independent, nice looking, physically, and intellectually developed.

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Moreover, I am an excellent cook, along with normal creativity and desire for perfection achievement. I am sure my man will be satisfied with my lifestyle, beliefs, and communication because I am thoughtful, able to think critically, support discussion, avoid conflicts.

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