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What future lies ahead of vehicle telematics equipment for the remote control of commercial fleets? Embedded onboard computers, preinstalled from factory?

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  • Fountains Hotel, Cape Town – Prețuri actualizate
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Or brought-in devices, a. For now, aftermarket devices will still take the lead. South Africa is a mature market vehicle tracking market.

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In its booth, Frotcom Namibia exhibited the abilities of the Frotcom system and had the opportunity to do live demonstrations to visitors. What is an API and why would we use it? Let me explain it then.

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The solid reputation established over the years, has been built thanks to a trustworthy relationship with its customers. Adaptation, dynamism, responsibility and competence have also led them to an inevitable growth.

Speed​​ dating evenimente cape town Location offers van cum să faci bine dating online upgraded with Frotcom Bali Location became unique in Belgium, when they decided to equip their vans with Frotcom and made it available to all customers.

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For those who need to use Bali Location vans in Belgium or abroad, Frotcom can ensure the safety of customers and goods during the rental.

The company places at the disposal of its customers a fleet of vans with load capacities from 10 to 15m3. Professionals of transport and logistics showed an overwhelming interest in the advanced abilities of Frotcom.

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Interview with Theodoros Nikolovgenis, Distribution Center Manager at the Papaellinas Group of Companies Based in Nicosia, Cyprus, with a history that dates back more than 80 years, Papaellinas is one of the biggest and most dynamic organizations on the island nowadays.

The organization leads in all areas of its line of work, such as pharmaceutical and fast moving consumer goods distribution; health foods and natural remedies retailing; flagrances and cosmetics distribution and retailing.

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Roadmap: For which main reason do you use vehicle tracking? Theodoros Nikolovgenis: First and foremost we know where all our vehicles are and how they are behaving. EASA, Ltd. This company is active in the area of automation and supervision systems for industrial equipment and plants.

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