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I also love the power of my Apple iPad Pro 11 inch new Pro models that came out on late and coupled with the Scenic app and an Apple Pencil 2nd generation you have a powerful Road Captain ride planning console that has taken my ride planning game to the next level. I love the graphics, the ability to place waypoints with pinpoint precision with some practiceand being able to do so from the comfort of wherever I am my favorite leather chair, my bed, or sitting at a bar as I plan away with my favorite drink to go along.

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I love that I can also download Scenic on my iPhone and check ride plans on the fly and even make tweaks and adjustments on the fly. I also love that I can export GPX files directly from my iPad onto a memory stick from which I can then easily load ride plans onto my Harley's Infotainment system which has a beautiful mapping interface IMO.

I have friends that are hard core Garmin BaseCamp lovers but they have seemingly fallen asleep at the wheel as they haven't yet developed a compelling and user-friendly app for iOS devices.

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I highly recommend Scenic and celebrate Guido's work. By the way he is super responsive to questions and publishes a great newsletter too! Vandyraw Enough said!

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I was an early adopter of Scenic when it first launched and I was a big fan of it back then even though the developers were still working out some bugs.

I like that I can download maps that work for me with my subscription And I can always get more if I need them.

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I like how things on the screen are meant to be glove friendly with site- ul de dating pentru harley riders buttons and very simple app navigation features. I love that I can now create a simple Nav route and it gives me various filters to use to customize the route.

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Long and slow. No problem.

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Most direct route, no problem. PineappleStore This app combined with a phone mount and power source is just as useful. Route sharing is easy and uses standard GpX files that are fairly universal no matter what system your friends are using. Creating a route within the app is easy and can be done without struggle while eating lunch and shared with everyone immediately.

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One of my favorite features is to search for already popular rides and edit them to cater to your needs along the route. Not a major issue, just pay attention when letting it plan your route for you and you can fix it in less than 5 minutes using waypoints.

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