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Ioana discovers that her boyfriend, Andrei, placed a bet that he would date her.

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Being extremely disappointed, she decides dalton dating join a music group formed by a teacher, Raluca. The group is named Lala Band.

Ioana knew that her parents are Tănțica Cercel and Gică Popa, but, during the first season, Ioana discovers that she and Andrei were switched at birth. Therefore, her real parents are Mara and Sandu Anghel. She has a sister, Anca Anghel, whom she donated a kidney because Anca had a kidney failure. Andrei Anghel Dorian Popa is Ioana's boyfriend and a student at the same high school.

He placed a bet with his friend Cristi, at the beginning of the year, that he would date Ioana, but despite the bet he really falls in love with her. He has a stepbrother, Rafael Cercel, and a sister, Gio Popa.

sarah dating site

She had a kidney failure, but she gets healed when Ioana donates her a kidney. Vlad Stănescu Vlad Gherman is Anca's boyfriend.

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He lost his parents. In the second season, he is adopted by Mara Anghel so he won't need to stay in an orphanage. In the past, he had a crush on Ioana.

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Sara Năstase Sore Mihalache is Cristi's girlfriend. At the beginning of the series, she likes Andrei and tries everything to make him break up with Ioana.

Cristi Alexandrescu Raphael Tudor is Sara's boyfriend.

sarah dating site

At the beginning of the series, he is rich and lives alone because his parents are working abroad, but later he becomes poor and loses his house. He moves in with the other members of the band. Monica Bora Alexia Talavutis is Dima's wife.

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She and Dima were expecting a baby before graduating, but she loses the pregnancy. In the fourth season, they decide to try having a baby again.

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Dima Trofin Dima Trofim is Monica's husband. He had been Sara's boyfriend.

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Sofia Drăgulescu Gloria Melu was Bubu's girlfriend but they broke up when she left the country to study in the United States. Now, she is dating Rafael Cercel. Bubu Grama Mihai Cernea was in love with Sofia, but they broke up due to her wish to study abroad. At first, the other members of the group don't want him in the band and they call him ironically "Liviu de la Vocea" "Liviu of The Voice"but later he gets in the band.

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He falls in love with Ioana. Dana Ana Baniciu is one of the newest members of Lala Band. She is in love with Rafael and Răzvan, but she doesn't know which one sarah dating site choose. Rafael Cercel Levent Sarah dating site is Tănţica's son. During the first two seasons, he is in love with Sara, but in the third season, he gets in a relationship with Sofia.

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Andrada Rizea Sarah dating site Popa is Anca's best friend. At the beginning of the series, she and Anca were enemies. Jenel Frumosu Gabriel Ciocan is in love with Dana. Răzvan Oprea Costin Cambir is Raluca's protege.

Iubirea Fedrei de Sarah Kane

When his father tries to kill all the members of Lala Band only because he wants to get to Raluca, he kills his father in order to protect his friends. Bogdan Cristescu Mihai Mititescu was in love with Anca. He was a drug-addict.

sarah dating site

He is a policeman. She later becomes a policewoman. She was married to Sandu Anghel. She adopts Vlad and a little boy named Mihai.

She starts a modern music club at the high school and forms the Lala Band group. She gets engaged to Tudor, a sports teacher, and, in the fourth season, adopts a little girl named Mia. Tudor Radu Valcan is Raluca's fiancé and a sports teacher. With Raluca, he adopts a little girl named Mia. Robert Călin Răzvan Fodor is the new director of the school and Raluca's ex-boyfriend. Vasile Popa Ion Ion is Gică's brother.

He is also a policeman. She takes Rareș's place as an economy teacher after he gets fired.

sarah dating site

He is the former director of the high school. She was killed by an accident by Sandu Anghel. Rareș Costin Sforaru is Zâna's son and Andreea's boyfriend. He is a former economy teacher.

sarah dating site