Roblox dating online.

This girl wanted to date me on a roblox oder game...

Im Nike :. Honestly Roblox is one of my most played games. Graphics are amazing, everything is. But we have major issues that need to be fixed as soon as possible.

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Or at least, get deleted. This is how I lost my best friend, sarahUnicorn She tried to get free robux, but when she tried to log in back to her account bc she got kicked out they said that her password was incorrect which she tried 13 times and checked her password I miss her.

I suggest trying to give at least or robux when entering the game for the very first time.


I have my three BFFs in roblox. I could keep going on about how good roblox is but there is a big problem for a lot of players.

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You cant get robux unless you pay real money, and some players cant buy robux and that is kind of sad because that usually brings to bullying I have seen a lot of players being bullied cuz of that and so thats why I think players should start with the largest amount of robux you can buy, and I also think yg dating ban that will raise the reputation of the game. Also back to the part of the issues list.

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First of all, is reporting! I could say that there WAS a game with inappropiate content, i reported it of roblox dating online and it did banned it 2 hours later after i ate dinner.

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The second problem is robux. Third problem is the bullies.

Im Nike :. Honestly Roblox is one of my most played games. Graphics are amazing, everything is.

And there are many more problems! Please fix them!


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