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Budget Ref. Rendezvous and proximity operation technologies, and standards have been developed in the past e. ATVbut for commercial operators, cost constraints for supporting servicing missions such as refuelling, station keeping, active debris removal require a substantial shift in terms of design rules and safety design approach.

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Previous activities e. Deorbit, Internal Working Group on CloseProximity Operations have identified clear knowledge gaps of major importance for rendezvous and capture, and therefore a particular lack of technical requirements and verification methods for ensuring rendezvous and proximity operations are conducted in a safe and responsible manner.

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With European industry moving forward on Space Servicing Vehicle concepts, ESA aims, through this activity, to support industry in developing the methodology for determining how to perform rendezvous and proximity operations in a sustainableand safe way. The activity shall take into account all aspects of the rendezvous, capture and servicing operation including separation e.

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Trajectories types, capture equipment. Insurers, operators, manufacturers If you wish to access the documents related to the Invitation to Tender, you have to log in to the ESA Portal.

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