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Ioan Gyuri Pascu

Early life[ edit ] Pascu was a native of Agnita at the time part of Braşov Regionnow in Sibiu Countywhere he graduated from primary school.

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He was born to an planet rock dating search Romanian father and a half- Hungarian mother; [2] [3] on his mother's side, he was also the descendant of Poles and Slovaks. He was still a soprano in the choir, but had to use his head voice.

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The same year, he gave up handball and began a more formal study of guitar music, using the Maria Boeru textbook as his guide. Together they founded the rock band Fundal, with Pascu as lead singer and drummer.

He was invited to perform at the station's youth concerts, where he met and befriended Teo Peterbass player for Compactand music promoter Andrei Partoş. He was introduced to the reggae style by The Police and its reggae fusion sessions, then became a fan of reggae numbers played by African diaspora students in Romanian universities.

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He had applied for the similar faculty at the University of Bucharest twice, but failed the entry exam. They liked me [and] asked me to join the group". He rejoined Divertis in Iaşibut their scheduled show there was broken up by the communist authorities. After performing a solo music recital in Februaryhe renewed his contract with Divertis, and toured the country with them.

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But it's not because of that, I think that's how inspiration visits me, that this is how I write. I won't stick to any one musical genre.

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Pascu, who referred to filming on location as his mock- honeymoon[4] received good reviews for his performance. Pascu also appeared on a number of comedy recordings released by Divertis, [4] [6] earning Pascu the reputation of a protest song writer. He was inspired by Romanian politics and the social debates of the s to write hits like "Morcovul românesc" "The Romanian Carrot" and "Instalatorul" "The Plumber".

Что случи-лось. Ты не упа-ла.

Pascu acknowledged his political streak, recognized what he considered the necessary link between social phenomena and a songwriter's cultural perspective, and argued that songs should always tell a story. The lyrics suggested that modern Romania was no better than the average African nation.


According to historian Sorin Mitu"Africa, Africa" showed "the Romanians' tendency to relate to extra-European realities", a trend he observed during Ceauşescu's final decade, and then throughout the early post-revolutionary period. He was chiefly remembered in pop culture as the spokesman for Connexone of the first mobile phone operators in Romania, with the catchphrase Alo, Maria? According to his website, it can be considered as Pascu's "first less commercial record.

Between andhe and his wife helped launch successful pop and alternative rock acts such as Vama VecheDomnişoara Pogany and Dinu Olăraşu. As stated on his website, the record registered success with "his closest fans" and with members of the Romanian-American community.

He wrote the soundtrack to Mungiu's short film Zapping and appeared with Mircea Diaconu in Mungiu's medium-length film Corul pompierilor. This contribution earned Pascu critical accolades.

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Film critic Alex. Leo Şerban referred to Pascu's "memorable" performance as Papadopol's "cynical, good for all neighbor", [19] and cultural journalist Eugenia Vodă suggested that the "authentic by definition" [20] Pascu added "diaphanous touches" to Mungiu's black comedy.

According to his website, it was not promoted by the mainstream radio stations, and sold most of its copies during live performances. He continued to give occasional concerts including as an opening act for Italian singer Albano Carrisi in Aradand starting planet rock dating searchhosted the musical talk show Taverna on the national television channel, TVR 1.

Он пояснил что, после того как оказался в Нью-Йорке, не обнаружил в них никаких перемен. "Быть может, подобно семенам, дыни могут дремать долгое время", - предположила Николь, выслушав объяснения Ричарда, рассказавшего ей все, что было известно ему о сложном жизненном цикле сетчатых организмов. - Я тоже так думаю, - проговорил Ричард. - Конечно, я не имею представления о том, в каких условиях надо содержать манно-дыни.

In Julyhe was invited to sing Brazil 's National Anthem at an exhibition soccer match planet rock dating search the World Cup -winning Brazilian squad and the Romanian team. At the time, sober dating site indicated that he could no longer handle their tight schedule.

I simply like the impromptu kind of humor [ If [the joke] happens to be political, it is because that is what we have to do in this series.

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In springhe starred as Rică Venturiano in an adaptation of Caragiale's O noapte furtunoasăcommemorating the th anniversary of the play's first public performance. The play opened to good reviews, and Pascu's presence, along with that of other comedic actors Alexandru BindeaTudorel Filimonwas considered an unusual directorial touch to Gorky's tragedy.

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Bivolaru's legal troubles and allegations regarding MISA's sexual policies were the center of public debates; when contacted by reporters, Pascu stressed that it was a regular gig and stated, "Those people have never harmed me and I have no reason to be avoiding their company. A collaborator of Pascu on solo music projects during spring[42] Captari sang and played the guitar while riding a horse.

The production went on a tour of Romanian theaters in the early months of In an interview with Adevărul daily, the freelance comedians announced that they were considering other offers; Pascu criticized Pro TV's focus on producing talent shows.

It is the beginning of the end for one of the most upright and best loved brands in Romanian television. Their collaboration resulted in the ballad album Tropa, Tropa