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Pompei Cocean, la 60 de ani de susţinută şi bogată activitate didactică şi ştiinţifică pe tărâmul Geografiei Româneşti Victor Sorocovschi la împlinirea vârstei de 70 de ani RUSU J. Studiu de caz SURD, J. Alegerile prezidenţiale din anul Turul întâi 22 noiembrie şi turul doi 6 decembrie SURD, B. Studiu cartografic şi topografic POPGeografie juridică.

Legislaţie şi terminologie în turism — accepţii interne şi comunitare [Juridical Geography, Legislation and Terminology in Tourism; intern and comunitar acceptance], Casa Cărţii de Ştiinţă, Cluj-Napoca, p. Spectacolul modernităţii târzii [Constanţa Spectacle of Late Modernity], Edit.

Arcade, Bucureşti, vol.

Umberto Eco - In cautarea limbii perfecte

I p. II p. POP 1 Descended in the academic citadel of Cluj from the Land of Năsăud born in Târlişua, Bistriţa-Năsăud County, on 15 Augusta region that has delivered valuable forerunners to the Romanian Geography, mentioning here only Tiberiu Morariu, Vasile Meruţiu or Teodor Onişor, the present-day birthday person began his university studies inat the Faculty of Biology and Geography, Specialization in Geography, graduating as national valedictorian in The initiation in the high performance scientific research took place within the Students Scientific Workshop organized by the faculty, in whose activities he assiduously took part.

His researches in the field of Karstology had in view the genesis and the evolution of the exokarst and endokarst forms, as well as the economic potential of the dissolution relief in general.

Metode de Datare in Arheologie

The obtained results in the investigation work are outstanding, out of which the following worth being mentioned: the explanation of the peripheral subsidence gorges for the first time in the world, the elaboration in collaboration with E. Silvestru of a new theory on the genesis of the isolated massifs klippe and olistolites in the Trascău-Metaliferi Mountains, original contributions to the genesis of uvalas, dolinas, swallow holes, karst depressions, galleries with plane-horizontal roofs, gours, karst aquifers, etc.

The arguments brought in favour of the correlation between the multilevel endokarst systems and the planation surfaces are extremely interesting and indicate a mark of indisputable originality. These results were synthesized in the work entitled Munţii Apuseni.

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Procese şi forme carstice [The Apuseni Mountains. Karst Processes and Forms], published by Editura Academiei Române in and awarded with the prize for scientific research metode cuaternare de dating mike walker the Babeş-Bolyai University.

The second important coordinate of his research in this stage, on which the doctoral thesis focused as well, namely Carstul din Munţii Apuseni, Studiu de Geografie Aplicată [The Karst of the Apuseni Mountains.

Sunteți pe pagina 1din Căutați în document Arheologia in Timp si Spatiu Metodele de datare in arhologie Popa Razvan Msurarea timpului i ordonarea culturilor preistorice n secvene cronologice au fost unele dintre cele mai importante preocupri ale arheologilor nc de la nceputurile cercetrii tiinifice Fenomenele istorice se desfoar n spaiu i timp. Pentru prezentarea i studierea lor este necesar stabilirea cronologiei, fixarea datei sau delimitarea intervalului de timp n care acestea s-au desfurat.

Study of Applied Geography], coordinated by Prof. Tiberiu Morariu - presented in and published in by the same publishing house of the Romanian Academy, under the title of Potenţialul economic al carstului din Munţii Apuseni [The Economic Potential of Karst in the Apuseni Mountains] - was represented by the economic component of the karst relief.

Initially considered an austere type of relief, without special productive valences, Pompei Cocean, Karstologist, demonstrated in his thesis that, on the contrary, the relief developed on calcareous and dolomitic soluble formations has a consistent economic potential derived from the complementarity of its agricultural, forestry, industrial, hydrological and tourist resources.

The work Peşterile României.

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Potenţial turistic [The Caves of Romania. Returned to the geographical roots proper, his scientific preoccupations have broadened.

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A first approached direction is the one of Tourism Geography, where he has brought a series of valuable contributions such as an original structuring of the tourist resources, the emphasis and the typology of tourism risks, the structuring of the types and forms of tourism, he formulates a new method of assessing tourism potential based on value indices, accomplishes a personal tourism regionalization of the national territory, proposes new spatial models for tourist arrangements, etc.

They appear in works such as Ecogeografia turismului [Tourism Ecogeography]Geografia Turismului [Tourism Geography]Geografia turismului românesc [Romanian Tourism Geography]Prospectare şi geoinformare turistică [Tourism Survey and Geoinformation] in collaboration with Şt. Dezsi,Turismul cultural [Cultural Tourism]in French edition as well.

Concomitantly, Professor Pompei Cocean has orientated himself more and more clearly towards the field of Regional Geography, where he obtains exceptional scientific results. Firstly, he elaborates, for the first time in the country, a theoretical work on the regional issue, entitled Geografie Regională [Regional Geography], published in two editions andin which a series of contributions of great originality are included, such as the ones concerning the mental space the structure of the Romanian mental space, the typology of mental spaces, the genesis of the Carpathian archetypal mental space, the stages in the formation of the Romanian mental spacethe delimitation criteria of the geographical regions introducing for the first time the mental criterionthe typology of geographical regions, the organization of geographical time, the resilience of regional systems, etc.

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Karst, tourist and regional phenomena, approached with the skill of the experienced researcher, endowed with an intuition and a perception of novelty that are worth being emphasized, represent the object of the 18 books and academic courses, written as single author to which other 12 are added, written in collaboration with different authorselaborated and published by Professor Pompei Cocean in the period between andas follows: 1.

Cocean, Metode cuaternare de dating mike walker. Academiei, Bucureşti, l56 p.

Academiei, Bucureşti, p. Ipostaze geografice, Edit. Carpatica, Cluj Napoca, Potenţial turistic, Edit.

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Dacia, Cluj Napoca, p. Carro, Bucureşti.

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Focul Viu, Cluj Napoca, p. Procese şi forme carstice, Edit. Presa Universitară Clujeană, Cluj Napoca, p.