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The personal data of Michael Jivangi a tall guy name is indian, muslim by appearance was written mental dating jamie dornan t shirt himself and i added the license plate, make and year of the car. There is also a picture with the brake reservoir with the broken lid from the vandalism case i reported separately. Actually there are several cases and instances.

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Please try and speak with Ben Schneider of the Lake Oswego Police to whom i reported another instance of vandalism on my car that happened several months ago. There are 4 pictures attached.

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I forgot to tell you one more thing. The apartment nr 6 wich is right under nr. Before that there was an older, shorter gentleman with an old green van that was making strange noises at night like rebuilding something.

He put blankets and blinds and then he left and i never seen anybody going in and out but many times there was strange smoke smells coming from the cracks in the wall that i finally fixed but even as i write this email there is a strange smoke here that i cannot explain that has a weird effect on me. Could you possibly check to see why there are blinds and blankets in this vacated apartment and nobody is there for more than a year and sometimes i still here noises?

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There was a middle age Dr with a grey goatee and an younger Asian like assistant and another older gentleman in a blue suit with a gray mustache. The doctor first wanted to see the car, front and read. I gave them the Medicare card and my drivers license and they gave them back to me.

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The doctor asked me if i had any back pain and i said i only felt heat like after going dating o femeie eritreană the chiropractor. After that i went a couple of times for different reasons this week and i got paperwork for both.

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Last night and today i asked them for the paperwork for Friday 26 but they are saying there is no record of me being in that day in there.