Lil internet azealia banks dating

lil internet azealia banks dating

The love and support is unbelievable. Please share this video and maybe it'll show someone that they aren't alone. I have a humble home were you can stay with me and my girls. Og Silverback Acum 33 minute Haha aww he needs a friend lol Nisshoku Acum 3 ore Good vibes, glad you found your friends. Adam Wright Acum 4 ore Never apologize for your tears.

Crying is the bodys way of eliminating sadness. It takes a much stronger person to wear their emotions on their sleeve than to hold it back.

Keep on being yourself. I'M 36 lil internet azealia banks dating old.

I've been suffering with mental illness for the majority of my life. Over the past two years I survived 39 suicide attempts and I was hospitalised multiple times. Most of my mental illness is a result of trauma that I sustained throughout my life. Over the past few years I lost all my friends and I was disowned by my only sibling.

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They coulden't handle the fact that I'm so mentally broken and suicidal. I've learned that I'd rather be alone, then be surrounded by ppl that can't accept me and be there for me when I need them the most.

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Byron McLaggan Acum 20 ore 32, never married, single, no kids, no family around, not a single friend, I live in a shit hole, 1 bedroom apartment, minimum wage job, in trouble with the law, dysthymia, ptsd, aspergers, shit car, shit clothes, no possesions worth a damn, failure in everything I've tried to be good at Let's just stop there.

I am running out of reasons to be happy about anything. However, I still find the time to be thankful for what I have.

James Miller Acum o Zi Friend will never just show up at your door. You have to develop interest and you will make friends through that.

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I was very popular when i was young now i am old but i don't mind being alone. It is different being alone and lonely. Get off the couch get out and enjoy life. Travel to another country, find someone to help, feed a homeless man. Don't expect to much from people. You will be disappointed. Depression will make you feel lonely and sensitive it is a lie. This gives hopes to all and even for me. Thanks for sharing!

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RetroGrades Acum o Zi you seem to be weakened by life and should find a way to get more strength sport or some hobby where you meet people irl. Anthony Bernero Acum o Zi I made a new friend yesterday. I feel very blessed. Try to stay close with your family. Andy B Acum 2 Zile Man your a top guy! There was a time i thought i needed them but this gone by Glass empty Acum 2 Zile Getting married kills friendships. This is an important lessons, never ditch your friends.

Now I have no friends. Life's funny. Sean Welch Acum 2 Zile Man, exact same story. Minus having youtube friends. Hang in there. Still sucks at 36 too lol Sean Welch Acum 2 Zile Seriously tho, it takes a terrible toll on your mind. Richard Adams Acum 2 Zile Total respect your honesty and your great character. I dont have friends that live around me.

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I have 1 real friend that I meet on the playstation. So my guy, real friends don't have to be ones that live near you. Anyone on here that reads this hit me up on here or on the playstation network.

Screen name JandH Ella Rose Acum 3 Zile Don't apologize, you're not alone either now. I feel this year I have lost almost all connection to my friends from school.

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I had to be online. The only one online in my class. I have connection to one person and I was playing a game with him in discord and he started to talk about the end of the year picnic they had at an amusement park.

That hit me like a fucking brick and I just sat there silent for minutes while my friend just talked. I was friends with a girl who is 16 and used to date my 16 year old brother. They broke up 5 years ago and me and her have become good friends.

Now they work together and are friends again. Me and my mom went there for dinner every weekend we are friends with her parents too. Me and my brother are super close and have almost identical interests.

Now they are talking to each other about those interests and now I have nothing to talk about.

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So I still have a friend but we barely talk. The way I am dealing with it is with a discord server where me and a bunch of other people watch movies together. I suggest finding something like that Rick Grimes Acum 3 Zile Im 28 i got adhd and a hearing problem never had a girlfriend i got a few friends but never hear from them anymore so called friends right? Ive been alone basically forever Nobody comes to check on me not even a text like" hey" or "how are you" i come home to nobody and wake up to nobody shit sucks man Oykus dating site Acum 3 Zile No ones ever alone.

Hope your doing well! The one that was my girlfriend who I am still staying with did me the worst.

I'm 31 And Have No Friends (Emotional I'm Sorry)

I realized she had no interests lil internet azealia banks dating what I was doing, Would speak over me and just generally treat me like a piece of meat Rather talk to people on facebook and give random people money then bother watching youtube or playing a game with me. She made it perfectly clear she was full of shit and wasting my time when I offered to buy a gaming computer for her.

She basically made me feel like a loser by saying it was a waste of time. Realized my best friend hasn't invited me to do anything in years let alone spent any time with me.

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These people that do not want to do what we do and are not about what we are about are not worth our time. The second I find out they like talking shit about others im instantly turned off I also have to deal with improper recollections from the past This girl thinks she had a ring when we met I distinctly remember it already being gone and even looking for it.

Crazy bro. Chris Donohue Acum 4 Zile As you get older friends fall away i had one friend for over 20 years in my martial arts, then suddenly he got married and he was not young, his dating guayaquil looks like she took a dis like to me, that was the end, he closed up the training club without telling me and I have not heard from him again.

He did everything he said he would not do because he seen it happening to other people, he used covid to start a new life. So when everything opens up again i will go back training ive invested too many years bettering myself. I m sorry to say people change and they forget the past M S Acum 4 Zile Thank social media. Life was wayyyyyyyy better before. Most of us has no subscribers AND no friends.

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Coffee Acum 4 Zile God is good, Jesus is always with you. Thank you for sharing with us! Courtney Gillespie Acum 4 Zile Wanna play chess? Carlos Chicken Acum 4 Zile I love how people in the chat sorry if my English is bad are saying their experiences with loneliness and how the react to it that made happy toddrocks Acum 5 Zile Bro I'm the same.

I work and keep in contact with old childhood friends but I don't make new friends VinnCapp Acum 5 Zile you gots fan man, you gots Fans!!

You have more people than ya know! I dunno man, sometimes you have to consider that maybe if some people were worth having as friends, and I'm speaking of people generally ie, potential friends then they'd be your friend, so the fact that they're not then just maybe it's not you bud, it's them. Whatever, making a video like this is a sign of strength imo. Jeremy Barr Acum 5 Zile Keep up the good work man. It takes courage to bare your feelings out man. You've built something amazing.

Alex Jimenez Acum 5 Zile its theres people that have common interest as you, youll naturally meet people that you get along with and dont get along with but dont let the fear of not having friends stop you from meeting good people, youlld be alright man your good hearted and the peices will fall together.

You grow out of the person you were and you dont think that its to late to start or change your life.

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Im 27 and i had many friends or lil internet azealia banks dating i called friends and now i dont have any friends at all but its ok i grew out of those friendships and im waiting to grow into new ones.

Even from thousands of kilometers away I care about what you have to say. I liked being friends with people who were not popular, or got bullied because I like standing up for people even if I came across as a bully myself while standing up for someone.

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I did not know you back then so I couldn't be a friend, but I know you now, or at least of your existence and I'm choosing to be another one of your friends on here. My few Friends spread all over Germany. And i never made new ones. My study people mostly traited me. Last year i made a Chat group of Indie Idols and asked people i regulary meet on social Media to join.

They became my best Friends. It's never to late to find some. And i'm glad you had a similar experience. Dana Whipple Acum 6 Zile Thanks for taking the time to let lil internet azealia banks dating know how important your subs are too you I found your channel as a fellow former Game Stop SL.

Im M Acum 6 Zile All the best to you. God bless.