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The shows so much better without jerry trainor dating istoric hyper whoop whoop dumb ass audience Acum lună Irving Cortez They are all acting as if we all want the vaccine, telling you that people are tying to go first ahead of the line so that you would say no i want to to go first they treat you as ignorant children.

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Evil in this world is united,their goal to destroy the human race, and those in power are just a few evil humans, Billionaire, Politician, Queen, King, Popes, vs the rest of humanity that are millions, yet you let the few control you how is it that these few evil humans dare to impose their will and the rest of humanity obey? While these evil humans are united, creating.

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Wars, while always having peace talks you serve them, who dies in those wars? They travel the world,eat drink the best there is, and don't get sick, again, peace talks while good humans die sick and hungry around the world.

Poverty, each own many mansions in different parts of the world ,with many rooms and 20 plus bathrooms in each, just for them and probably 2 kids if they even have them while good humans struggle paying a mortgage.

They raise electricity, water, make laws that have you spend so much money on house inspection, property, cost of life, etc.

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Sad to see you're not united, good humans are so distracted trying to convince the other good humans that their religion and politics is the correct one, that its impossible for good to unite. STOP leave behind which is the correct religion and political party and unite in goodness and fight together against evil.

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How is it that the few evil humans say, we are going to have a vaccine ready that is made from GMO, and the millions of good humans start trembling afraid and don't dare rise up against them.

What the evil ones have and use against you is religion and politics.

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Religion protects them, they know the good humans will pray to their God for protection instead of uniting and rising up against them. Politics, they create laws that only protect them not you.

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These evil humans kill inocente life with their wars, rob and are cougt in every kind of corruption yet none of them go to jail, now the good inocente humans go to jail just for Jwalking And after the people put the Evil ones in power these evil ones try to submit you to their will, if a company tries to force a vaccine, the employees have to unite and rise up and say NO and force them to respect your decision, again they are the few and you are the many.

Im in no way a religious person, but the good humans dont want to see whats in front of them, they are in denial Covid is Fake all they want is to force aziz ansari la dating conan vaccine, these so called deaths is what you hear, no one has seen these thousands of dead people, before covid no one was interested in how many people would go to a hospital a year for a flu, and in many cases the flu would get worse and the person would die, now everyone suddenly sees these deaths and the hospitals will call it covid for the jerry trainor dating istoric they receive and everyone freaks out and beleives that covid is real, now if they only opened there eyes and beleive what they see, look at the homeless they dont wash jerry trainor dating istoric hands have no mask take money from everyone and none have died and you know why, because they dont watch news,podcasts nore have social media brainwashing them with a fake jerry trainor dating istoric.

Politicians know Covid is fake, all this is the Black Cabal controlling you, to then try tu force you to take the vaccine ,thats why politicians are taking the fake vaccine for them publicly placebo to make the rest of you be convinced it is safe.

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If Covid had a little chance to be real you think any politician knowing how disgusting they are creating wars and greedy for money will risk their life, yet we see them going to dinner parties and travelling while telling you to stay home and wear a mask and evoid contact with even your family these evil politicians that are trying to save you from this fake pandemic with a vaccine are the same evil politicians that dont think twice to kill inocente lives in every war they create, and smiling go in front of cameras and say they won that war but there were casualties inocente women, men and children in no way possible a good human can ever be happy while knowingly just killed inocente life, only evil humans can do that.

Wake up dont fear Covid, fear these evil politicians Black Cabal and rise up against them before its to late, this is a battle between good and evil, and they are using propaganda making you fear Covid and with that they control you, and will try to submit you to their mark the vaccine.

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Look really look at all the artist of Hollywood, Politicians and Podcast personalities, that said they got Covid when this started none of them died but at the same time reporting in MSM that people are dying everywhere, while artists, politicians and podcast personalities told you stay home evoid contact with even your family members, they all are traveling, going to dinner and visiting family and friends without any fear, they are the few you are the many.

Acum lună.

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  • Bill Burr Defends His Mandalorian Character’s Boston Accent
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