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While it may not actually be a portal to the next life, scientists have their own concerns regarding the 'megaslump,' as it hints at the threats of melting permafrost due to climate change. Scroll down for video Over the last few decades, a rapidly growing crater has shaken the Siberian taiga with terrifying 'booms,' causing locals to believe it is the 'Gateway to the Underworld.

Warming temperatures later sped up the process, causing the layers of soil on the surface and below to sink as permafrost melted.

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Inmajor flooding made the depression even larger. Researchers now classify the Batagaika Crater as a megaslump — a massive hollow created as a result of melting permafrost. It is over feet deep, and expands at a rate of roughly 60 feet each internet dating daily mail. Advertisement The monstrous sounds are likely produced by falling soil, The Siberian Times reports, but locals are afraid to approach the ever-growing gash in the landscape.

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For scientists, however, the structure provides insight on the past and future conditions of the Earth. The enormous crater sits near the village of Batagai, in the Verkhoyansk district, and reaches depths of more than feet.

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This region is one of the coldest places in the world. A recent expedition to the site revealed that the soil once frozen in permafrost is roughlyyears old.

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While slumps are common in the Arctic, some scientists consider Batagaika to be an anomaly, according to Motherboard.