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Start your review of Ne vedem pe Net! A big hard no.

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Don't waste your time. It just has tips for online dating This book doesn't really address men who are interested in dating on-line which I found an interesting tactic.

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It had a lot of interesting things to say some I already knew or that made sense logically. However, I didn't agree with everything she said.

Get Inside Her: Dirty Dating Tips & Secrets from a Woman, Paperback

The whole "limit your first phone call to 15 minutes ONLY" tactic as you're really just pushing for a 1st date seemed a bit tacky. Let the conversation be what it will be and see if the date happens is usually my Written by a woman for women.

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Let cuplarea casuală conversation be what it will be and see if the date happens is usually my philosophy. She is a Hollywood Publicist after all.

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I thought that the author had a unique perspective given her background and that is what drew me to actually read a book like this in the first place--I wanted to see if she had anything new to say. But like I said, I didn't really see any incredibly new territory here.

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She did, however, have a LOT of interesting anecdotes from her own personal dating life and success stories interwoven throughout the book that made it a little more interesting than a typical "how-to" manual. It's a relatively quick read and I insider internet dating login find it interesting.

Ne vedem pe Net!: ghidul unei publiciste de la Hollywood pentru reușita întâlnirilor online

Just nothing terribly new. Why would anyone listen to online dating advice from a PR woman who handles famous actors and has failed to have success at online dating? Her examples are meeting rich businessmen or Hollywood creative types, not guys most people can relate to.

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And she never seems to stick with any of them for long. The book's biggest failure is This is a pretty worthless book--it's basic common-sense advice for women who are dating online, told by a Hollywood insider who has failed repeatedly at relationships. The book's biggest failure is in how it represents men.

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Some of her misconceptions are going to mislead women. And if this book is really a guide to online dating, why is it geared toward women and has nothing for guys to learn from it?

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The whole book could be summarized in a short online article. You'll enjoy the book if you lack common sense when using online dating sites, but otherwise skip it. Better to avoid concentrating on guys before they've shown they're worth the time and effort.

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Keeping it light and avoiding common mistakes is helpful to read tips on, and it felt a little like getting coached, complete with peptalks and 'keep the faith' anecdotes. A very quick read if you want to get a new perspective on how to approach writing a profile or how to insider internet dating login sfaturi dating black man early stages of on-line dating.