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Liviu Oniciu ROBA, L. ZOR, M. RUS, D. DAN, W. FRCA, A. He got an excellent high school education in both, literary and scientific directions, at the Pedagogical Seminar of the Cluj University He retired inat the age of 70, but he continued to work as a consulting Professor, until the last days of his life 27 th of November In his remarkable teaching period, he was: lecturerassociated professorfull professorDean of the Faculty of Chemistry 11 yearsHead of the Department of Physical Chemistry 14 yearsmember of Faculty Council 32 yearsmember of inginerie dating website University Senate 24 years.

Professor Liviu Oniciu wrote 6 books two of them abroad8 monographs one of them translated abroad19 patents and more than scientific papers. One must also mention the results obtained in applied electrochemistry by the Cluj-Section of the Institute of Chemical and Biochemical Energetics 10 yearsnamely: organic electrosynthesis, electrodeposition of metals, and photoelectrochemical conversion of energy.

Finally, we must underline that prof.

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Liviu Oniciu was a visionary scientist and due to this quality he was able to orient his coworkers towards scientific directions which will become important in millennium III, as for instance: fundamentals and applications of Electrochemical and Electrochemical —Hydrodynamical Impedance Spectroscopy in: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacy and Biology; Biosensors; modern electrochemical methods in studying the drugs and their therapeutic effects, just to indicate some of those which are already in development at Cluj.

Liviu Oniciu died inbut his name will live as much as the Electrochemical Science in our country. May he rest in peace. Nicolae Bonciocat Prof.

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A set of 21 Neolithic painted pottery fragments belonging to the Lumea Noua culture 5th millennium B. The chemical, microstructural and petrographic features of the ceramic bodies were determined by X-ray fluorescence, X-ray diffraction and optical microscopy. Keywords: pottery, Neolithic, Romania, X-ray fluorescence, X-ray diffraction, optical microscopy Pottery analysis plays an important and multi-faceted role in the interpretation of an archaeological site, being the fundamental tool used by archaeologists for dating sites or for determining trading patterns, cultural exchanges between peoples and social structures.

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In the last decades, an impressive range of analytical techniques i. Contrary to other European regions, in Romania only very few investigations on prehistoric pottery have been made using modern techniques []. Consequently, in spite of the large quantities of ancient ceramic material collected from archaeological excavations, there are still many unknown aspects about the origin and production techniques of the prehistoric pottery discovered on the actual Romanian territory.

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E-mail: bruno. The selected pottery samples were studied by X-ray fluorescence, X-ray diffraction and optical microscopy in order to obtain chemical, mineralogical and petrographic information.

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Moreover, different types of relicts of micro-fossils i. Beside bioclasts, inginerie dating website abundance, type and size of aplastic inclusions are other parameters used to ascertain the groups.

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Group 1 consists of 9 pottery samples LN1 — LN 9 which do not enclose bioclasts in their ceramic body Figure 1. Thin-section of the ceramic bodies of the pottery samples belonging to group 1: a LN 1; b LN6 40x; parallel nicol.

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Their mineralogical composition is represented by quartz mono- and polycrystallinemica biotite or muscovitesmall amounts of K-feldspars and plagioclase. Group 2 includes 12 samples LN 10 - LN 21 which contain different types of relicts of fossils in their ceramic body Figure 2. Thin-section of the ceramic bodies of the pottery samples belonging to the group 2: a LN 18; b LN19 40x; parallel nicol The samples in group 2 have a semi-isotropic to isotropic groundmass, orange-yellow to reddish-brown in colour.

ORDIN — privind luarea unor măsuri în domeniul învățământului superior din România Universitatea Maritimă din Constanța este o instituție inginerie dating website învățământ superior de stat, acreditată, cu o ofertă educațională orientată spre domeniul de marină și navigație, coroborând domenii conexe cum ar fi ingineria economică, ingineria mediului și ingineria electronică. În acest an universitar, Universitatea Maritimă din Constanța oferă 6 programe de studii de licență în limba română cu frecvență, 2 programe de studii de licență în limba engleză cu frecvență, 3 programe de studii de licență în limba română cu frecvență redusă și 13 programe de studii de master de aprofundare și de cercetare cu frecvență, din care, 2 programe de studii în limba engleză. În ceea ce privește pregătirea pentru doctorat, universitatea oferă un program de studii în domeniul Științelor inginerești în Inginerie mecanică. Universitatea Maritimă din Constanța a asumat un rol activ în comunitatea maritimă internațională, încheind o serie de protocoale bilaterale cu universități de profil, atât pentru asigurarea schimbului de studenți și cadre didactice, cât și pentru înlesnirea schimbului de experiență în domeniul maritim. Universitatea Maritimă din Constanța vine în ajutorul vostru cu un program online de meditații.

Many samples have a sandwichlike structure from the colour point of view, which suggests that the firing atmosphere was not sufficiently oxidizing. A characteristic of the samples belonging to the group 2 is represented by the presence of a relatively high macro-porosity.

The pores are rounded, inginerie dating website big dimensions and are seldom filled with secondary calcite.

PDF file - Facultatea de Chimie şi Inginerie Chimică

The rounded pores suggest that the artefacts were shaped by hands. The mineral composition of the temper is given by quartz mono- and polycrystallinemicas, plagioclase, K-feldspars and rare and partially decomposed carbonatic rock fragments.

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The thickness of the decoration layer varies between 10 and 20 m. The P2O5 concentration exhibits values in a restricted range 0.

Only three samples show higher values, LN 1 4. In order to make accurate comparisons between the chemical composition of different pottery and raw clays, the analytical data were normalised by excluding the IL and P2O5 values Table 1.

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Most of the samples are characterized by a relatively low content of CaO 1. In order to compare the chemical data relative to inginerie dating website two groups of potsherds with those of local raw materials, variation diagrams between pairs of significant elements were used Figure 3.

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