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datând un martin d- 18

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Alte activități parlamentare Explicații scrise ale votului Deputații pot să depună o explicație scrisă privind modul în care au votat în ședință plenară. Developed over four decades, EU-ASEAN relations are of vital importance for ensuring security and stability, international co-operation and promoting democracy and human rights.

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The report further highlights the ultimate objective of establishing a region-to-region free trade agreement, as trade negotiations are currently on-going or have already been completed with some ASEAN countries.

The report calls on the EU to launch an initiative to impose an EU arms embargo on Saudi Arabia, which is viewed as non-compliant with the second criterion of the Common Position, as well as other countries accused of serious breaches of international humanitarian law. The report urges the Member States and the EEAS to significantly improve the consistency in implementing the Common Position through a standardised verification and reporting system, and to overcome the current lack of efficiency in defence spending due to duplication.

Finally, the report highlights the importance of the UK remaining bound by the position after Brexit.

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Articolulanexa III.