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On Producing Possibilities 14 Handlung. Despre producția posibilităţilor.

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Maria Muhle Aesthetic realism, fictional documents and subjectivation. Alexander Medwedkin.

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The Medwedkin Groups. Chris Marker Realism estetic, documente ficţionale şi subiectivare. Alexander Medwekin.

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Grupurile Medwedkin. On Producing Possibilities.

dating vintage jensen vorbitori

These stories may then be recorded in documents and monuments, they may be visible in use objects or art works, they may be told and retold and worked into all kinds of material.

Handlung Is there a difference between actions and stories?

dating vintage jensen vorbitori

The German term Handlung serves not so much as a translation for both words, but much sooner it refers to the very semantic level. It is impossible to differentiate actions from stories, both meanings are intrinsically linked to each other and generate each other.

dating vintage jensen vorbitori

It is exactly this ambiguity of Handlung 1 that should be stressed here and be made productive. The 4th Bucharest Biennale suggests an experimental set-up to scrutinize different modes of action, possible courses and capabilities of action.

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It will try to examine various stories, interweaved plots, and fictions and dating vintage jensen vorbitori all this is bound to or detached from concepts of agency. How is agency proposed and what instructions for taking action are necessary or have to be developed?

We will examine practices that criticize, rewrite, correct or queer established narratives as well as yet other forms that play with the set of conditions of constructing narrations and history.

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It will be about the appearing of things 2 in the blinding bright light that shines out of the public realm. With this project, we will investigate how, who, and where these [7] 6 possibilities of action are produced, how one can intervene in common patterns and how other and new possibilities of Handlung can be generated.

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In a critical manner, the set-up of this project will be based on the urban and spatial organization of Bucharest with its different historical and political layers and thus trying to examine how urban structures and architecture act as agents to allow, interdict and produce Handlungen. The public sphere: Action, emancipation and dissent The public sphere - and therefore our whole living together - is structured through various forms of Handlungen.

Handlungen have the very potential to make things visible, to find a form of communicating this, hence Handlungen are responsible for the becoming of the public sphere. In other words it can be said that every single change, every single movement is based on different modes of action, which need to be narrated.

dating vintage jensen vorbitori

Nevertheless, not everything that is happening or dating hispanic acum that one can speak about is automatically Handlung. In her book The Human Condition, published inHanna Arendt distinguishes between three major human activities: labor, work and action.

dating vintage jensen vorbitori

This short definition shows that action is a very open and general concept, but it does not include all activities and every speech act and is, despite all similarities in Arendt s thinking, not equate to Aristotle s conception of politics. Nevertheless, all this happens in the public realm and consequently the Greek polis can still be described as the clearest realization with its division in oikos private household for labor and work and agorá public space of pregunas para hacer en dating polis for action.

We will see later how these parameters of public and private space have changed and consider possibilities and dating vintage jensen vorbitori of their reactivation. With Arendt, Handlung can be valued as the inner logic of emancipation, because it makes political action possible and finds a form to narrate it.

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Another interesting view - that touches on the recent state of democracy and on the possibilities of art in this context - linked to this is Chantal Mouffe s conception on the so-called post-political society 6.