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February Based on the literary evidences that confirms both the existence and the importance of Capidava and also based on the archaeological pre-Roman evidences, some take into consideration the hypothesis that the Getic fortress might have been razed to the ground through the building of the Roman castra itself [3] Historians such as Suceveanu, Miclea and Florescu consider that the pre-Roman indigenous Getic settlement of Capidava, located at some distance from the future Roman fortress gave the name Capidava.

Beside the Geto-Dacian ceramic, fragments of Roman vases are scattered here and there. February The Roman Empire had reached the Danube as early as 14 AD, when the commander Aelius Catus conducted an expedition beyond the river in order to keep away the restless Dacians and their new allies, the Sarmatians.

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But the legions deployed their troops only up to Durostorumas modern northern Dobruja was left to the forces of the kings of the Sapaeithe allies of the Romans, helped by the forces commanded by a Praefectus orae maritimae commander of the seashore. Only later Emperor Domitian dating site paris realize the strategic importance of the land between the Danube and the Black Seaas he used Scythia Minor as a starting point of his expeditions over the Danube, against the Dacians.

The changing fate of these expeditions, the chaotic effect of two successive defeats hindered a systematic effort for strengthening and garrisoning the bank of the Danube.

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The settlement used to be considered a pagushowever more recent research suggest it was probably a vicusif Veturius Tertius who put an altar at Galbiori as magister vici is the same with C. Veturius Tertius known from a funerary inscription discovered at Capidava [32] Nonetheless, Pârvan admitted a "vicus canabarum" beside the old "Dacian" pagus of Capidava.

Separated from them, Dating site paris Thracian colonists, Bessians, inhabited also isolated villages. To the E and NE of the fortified settlement stretched the tumulus cemetery with incineration graves, with rich inventories, and further to the south, a plane cemetery, with more modestly furnished graves.

dating site paris

It had 7 towers over 10 m, 3 of which are rectangular, 2 shaped as a quarter of a circle and 2 intermediate towers in the shape of a horseshoe U. The fort also had a gate 2. The massif had a strategic advantage, namely a natural moat starting from the Danube, turning around it on the NE side, almost up to the east corner of the fortified settlement. Moreover, the shape of the massif entailed the shape and orientation of the camp.

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