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Mihaela Miroiu, The road towards autonomy. Author of the books: Market, Morality and Marginalization ; Arbeit und Wertewandel ; The common good in our changing world ; Allianz fr den Sonntag ; Norm und Naturrecht verstehen ; Aktuelle Herausforderungen der Ethik in Wirtschaft und Politik ; Anything goes? E-mail: johannes.

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Europe and its notion of democracy Abstract: In view of a rapid succession of events in the contemporary world, on both the political and the scientific levels, it is indeed essential to say more about the subject of democracy in the civil society. If by democracy we mean not only a form of government but also a system of living, then indeed a unanimous judgment and also a general conception cannot be expected, but nevertheless the concept need not to be debased to the stage of complete meaninglessness.


JSRI N o. The Berlin-wall broke down in Europe became new. To discuss the admittedly special circumstances obtaining in Europe would obscure the actual issues, since it is now no longer possible to set geographical limits in the treatment of this subject.

Doubts about the value of democracy have not come upon us from heaven or hell, but must have deeper roots in spite of all the defects which cannot be denied and in spite of justified criticism; for this reason it is not possible to take 4 KEY WORDS: political science, ethics, civil society, Europe, democracy, government, freedom.

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All the more so because other conceivable forms of society are much less in tune with human nature, mans desire for liberty and the dating lista gurus expression of the personality than the system under which we live.

However, a period of one generation end of the cold war is too short to be able to discern in the flood of events a secular process which has led to the increasing erosion and indeed to the break-up of traditional values.

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In actual fact, if the principles of democracy that is, freedom, law and order are being questioned more and more insistently and more and more often, this is certainly due more to the conscious and deliberate activity of more or less radical minorities. But it is these groups who as a rule fight not with the intellect but with the weapons of force ranging from the condemnation of those who do not share their opinions to anarchistic excesses.

They presume to be able to construct a new society only on the ruins of the destruction of the old; in any case this society is not at all new, but can be observed in the flesh in existing dictatorships and totalitarian forms of government, which above all enable us to make comparisons.

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If the opinions of the majority are alleged to be rubbish and sense is the prerogative of the few, it does not follow that the converse is true, i. In particular, however, the aggressive minorities with whom we are here concerned cannot then feel justified in exercising power by the way of coercion. The function of democracy and fundamental ethical decisions It may, I believe, be asserted without prejudging the issue that on the whole it is a decided minority that would wish to refunction the democratic will of the majority, in spite of many objections to this principle, into the rule of the minority.

This new vogue word is a fashionable neologism.

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Such neologisms of this kind are in fact intended to convey the impression that the thing in itself needs to be incarnated in a form of activity before it can take on meaning and essence. This stimulated activity represents a new way of thinking, which is prepared to condemn everything that is not in a state of continuous motion or is not dating show vh1 mystery moved and changed as stagnation. If therefore the unchanging, the established, no longer signifies anything, it is only logical to set store by practical experience and rational knowledge alone, and hence to reject ethical, moral and religious values as measures of human action and striving.

A man who cannot comprehend Immanuel Kants the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me as a philosophical creed but only perhaps as a poetic piece of literature has certainly not contradicted Dating show vh1 mystery if his 5 intention was thereby to obtain carte blanche for a philosophy without values or even antagonistic to them.

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However, the man who dating show vh1 mystery of the starry heavens only in terms of astronauts and conceives of the moral law only from the standpoint of the penal code has no understanding of this great philosopher. Making value judgments is certainly not always the expression of objectivity and justice, but this activity must in all logic be purely arbitrary if a shallow, merely expedient pragmatism predominates over higher values.

No human conscience can be so stunted as to be unable in the last analysis to distinguish between more good and more evil unless one denies altogether that anything like the conscience exists.

But the conscience cannot convincingly be branded as a backward, bourgeois notion!

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For that is the hope of sensible people of all nations, that this arrogantly and presumptuously flaunted thoughtlessness must perish through its own spiritual emptiness. This is not by any means to say dating show vh1 mystery everything in the garden of the Western democracies is lovely and that no criticism is justified.

But the lever of criticism requires a fulcrum, which cannot be sought in intellectual vagueness.

The reader may enquire whether this long discussion about the preconditions of democracy was necessary before embarking upon our actual subject. However, the treatment of this subject is virtually inconceivable without a statement of ones own values and credo.

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For instance, anyone who does not conceive freedom as an innate right of man but thinks he can interpret it according to his own subjective feeling has JSRI N o. Importance of law in the view of freedem, democracy and civil society Not only the system in itself must certainly be protected by the law but also the freedom.

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This cannot mean that everyone can claim i. Whilst private law, as a system of rights, exists, consecrated by legislation, there is no private right of the type attacked.

This thesis is not in dispute, but unfortunately it is also not always respected. Freedom thus requires a foundation in law, but in addition it must likewise be integrated in a social order. In this sense law and order combine to protect, but also to define, the sphere of freedom of the individual and of the civil society.

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However, since the changes are continuosly taking place in politics and in the dating show vh1 mystery, and since these are not always accompanied by changes in the law, it cannot be denied that these have formative power, which also extends to their practical effects. Thus, from a more 6 philosophical standpoint, the question arises whether the state, which is supposed to guarantee law and freedom, by its perhaps involuntary increase in influence and power might not ultimately be in danger of further and further restricting the rights and liberties of its citizens, contrary to this fundamental moral law.

The case is in no way altered if these citizens are prepared, or even wish, to subordinate themselves to the collectivity and even pay the price of renouncing the expression of their freedom.

The state cannot escape responsibility and blame, particularly if it nurtures ideologies in its industrial, financial and economic policies which according not only to theory but also to world-wide practical experience cannot fail to result in a constant decline in the value of money but must then virtually of their essence also lead to the break-up of a free and civil society.

The tension between the influence of the state and individual freedom Master or slave, subject or citizen that is here the question!?

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Tempting as it is to go on arguing this point, we must discipline our ideas and return to our subject. It will now be clear that the democratic lent dating newcastle pe tyne as presupposition for a civil society democracy of course being understood in a genuine and free sense constantly runs the risk of causing the state to be either too JSRI N o.

Such scruples are foreign to totalitarian states.