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Despre acest joc Shoujo City is an anime dating simulator game, combining gameplay of bishoujo visual novels and sandbox-style city exploration adventure. The game is set in virtual 3D Tokyo and focused on anime and otaku culture.

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In the beginning of the game you'll get your own unique anime girlfriend, and then will have to take care of her, exploring the city together during various dating activities. Features Dating - you can go on visual novel-style dates with your girlfriend, or by choosing one of alternative dating activities.

Faceți cunoștință cu otaku-ul 1 Lăsați stereotipurile în urmă. Problema cu orice etichetă este că ea tinde să reducă oamenii doar la stereotipuri. Înainte de a se apropie de o fată otaku, amintiți-vă că acesta este un individ, cu propriile sale particularități, credințe și personalitate.

Shopping for clothes, accessories, food, dating otaku girl, toys. Cooking - to win heart of your anime girlfriend, you'll have to cook food for her, by using recipes and combining various food ingredients. Cosplay and customization - you can dress your character and your girlfriend using different clothes and accessories.

dating otaku girl

Unique girls - every player will get a unique girlfriend with her own likes and dislikes. Also, you can choose to date a dakimakura pillow. UFO catchers where you can obtain anime figurines and put them on display in your apartment room.

dating otaku girl

Yuri - the game features romantic relationships between two girls. All graphics and 3D assets are hand crafted specifically for this game and are based on contemporary culture of Japan - including accurate recreations of vending machines, Tokyo street signs, Shinto amulets, food recipes, etc. Cerinţe de sistem.

dating otaku girl