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Despre acest joc What occurs in this riveting simulation? Explore different Floridian environments on a hunt for pesky Gators.

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Use your trusty firearms and hunting experience to clear golf courses, beaches, and backwoods of the meanest dino-cousins in the Americas. All of this while beating the summer heat and your insatiable desire for popular illegal Miami substances.

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Features Kawaii Gators! Epic cutscene phonecalls A subtle and deceptively deep backstory that only the highest IQ gamers will notice through my intentionally thick veil of simplicity because I'm super deep The dumbest AI you'll probably ever encounter in a videogame 's Atmosphere and soothing synth soundtrack Future Plans While we have some ideas for the future following release such as additional post-story levels, we would like for the community to decide what type of events and content they would like to see.

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While resources and time are limited, I would love to foster a speed-running community or give out prizes to people who can decode the game's underlying plot. Not to mention the possible discovery of the super secret room.

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