Bf3 coop stuck la. Lima - wwx - xiuang

Lima - wwx - xiuang

Yes, bring the game back EA! We still have battles to conquer duels to win and distinies to be forfilled Matijas skyscrappers man is year of hope skyscrappers man Sadly it's not gonna happen in the near future! This is a excellent video and because of it I feel confident that I will enjoy the game Jone KalstadAcum 27 Zile Still sad that Battlefront 2 has ended.

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Hug MeGushAcum lună game is fucking pile of boredom. Fuck EA. West Coast ShreddersAcum lună really sad i didnt realise this came out in fuggin Literally just downloaded it and have been playing non stop to child version mes content.

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Amazing game. Went to check out myltiplayer.

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  • Hard Candy-e Acum 4 ani "They need to fix the sun it's too fucking bright" hahaha Nick Davis Acum 4 ani it would be so awesome if they put CO OP missions in this game like they did in battlefield 3 André Acum 4 ani Qasam Wahid Acum 4 ani every muslim and moral minded person should downvote.
  • Quote: Patch notes for Nov 22 patch Major client update for the PC version Battlefield 3 as well as a server-side update for all platforms.
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  • I was 18, freshman in college Camallu Odd how the fucks get censored in the cutscenes, but not in the gameplay.
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So sad. More pissed tbh Michael AfonsoAcum lună More players than bf3 coop stuck la EA game still and yet they discontinued support to make battlefield 6 which will probably be another woke show.

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EA is a failure. This is their only good game and they canceled support.

Battlefield 3 Co Op Xp Glitch On Last Co Op Mission

They shut down this game but i'm sure they're gonna make BF3. There's so much money in the battlefront franchise, especially in the third episode of this. And EA loves money.

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They need to make this game. We'll see what happens after Battlefield 6 releases.

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That's the only thing I can say. Miklós Rábai Acum lună skyscrappers man I think it would be better too. I know Lucasfilm could also make Battlefront games, but I prefer the battlepoint system and a lot more than the old Battlefront 2 system.

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But a lot of things are better in old Battlefront 2, like more content, galactic conquest and more heroes. We need the perfect mix of the two games.

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It's better if they just revive this game and complete it instead of leaving an another unfinished game and making a new one broken and rushed at launch. JrSushiAcum lună 1 year later.

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Sascha ChastonAcum lună.