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Cognitive scientist, philosopher, and expert on consciousness Daniel Dennett explains. If we look at perceptual experience, and education in particular, as a process of redesigning our cerebral computers, how does the software get designed, and what are the limits of this design process?

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Daniel C Dennett finds out. Daniel C Dennett is a cognitive scientist and philosopher with a particular interest in consciousness, free will and the evolution of minds.

His newest book, From bacteria to Bach and back, explores how thinking minds could have evolved due to natural selection. Subscribe for the latest science videos: bit. Descarca Comentarii Riyash HAcum 7 Zile Thank God, the intelligent designer and the intelligent implementer, who always exists, before anything came into being and after everything will go out of existence You are amazing and magnificent.

Vivek RaghuramAcum 19 Zile I feel like he went around the central point of his talk but didn't hit the mark. But he didn't talk about how the neurons actually achieve this. I thought the lecture would be aimed more towards explaining how inter-neuronal connections lead towards lucruri de făcut când începeți să întâlniți a computer. He might have also cited works that conclusively demonstrate the emergence of intelligence in neurons 'mindlessly' exchanging electrical signals.

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He mentioned that there is a sort of 'economy' in the brain where neurons compete for resources, and I assumed that this would lead to his explaining how such an economy induces the development of intelligence. May 25th Sabine and Sam Harris and Dennett and Dawkins are wrong. You have free will.

But how?

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A response to several other people fighting on Sabine's side and that of the Horsemen! I told them: 1. Man's consciousness - if rational - needs free will.

If man is irrational e. And A. Animals do not have free will but they have "awareness" standard of consciousness.

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I go into great detail how this is so in a audrey whitby dating istoric post to another. I may paste that far below in the bonus.

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Moving on for now. NONE of this applies here. I "validate" metaphysics. The word "validate" is wider than proof. You can touch things e. This is an ostensive definition : and it has to be on the ground floorthe broadest concept of the cosmos - existence.

So cosmos, or in this case existence exists: existed and will exist forever.

I have therefore been broader and most precise absolutely precise in contrast to all science that needs the concept "proof" but that concept is always probabilistic- whereas I have stated truths in the absolute.

So much rubbish Like a virtual particle? You have a potent mind as a rational human being but you are incompetent audrey whitby dating istoric using it as you have not practiced using reason and logic.

So consciousness is a separate identity to existence the brain and with free will as it must differentiate something from nothing reaching the conclusion - if - a rational man that "existence exists".

If Brains are Computers, Who Designs the Software? - with Daniel Dennett

In other words: metaphysics actuality-reality : a. Epistemology How to know truth, any identity like a penguin is in fact a bird?

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Reason and logic. And using reason in all posts thus far I have shown you that I am correct. But what about animals?

What are the details and depth to this human consciousness and in fact animal consciousness as well? IN factall other species have consciousness awareness but with No free will such as a single cell bacterium!

The "information" is extracted from the photons in a quantum operation that causes the un-twisting of rhodopsin proteins - and in that instance information cascades at incredible speeds via the electro-chemical pathway of neurons throughout the brain on relevant highways to be processes into a binding yet unknown how this is done in an exact way and thereafter you re-project the perception of reality constantly and fairly instantly back "out there" with depth perception even though the back of your eyes are 2D screens nevertheless you see in 3D-esque mode!

So Sense Datum information self organizes into percepts units of information stored as memory how is memory stored in the long term? Yet unknown! What is known is short term memory with synaptic changes: but such molecules dissipate within days. The above enables all animal species to "react" in order to survive and propagate their genes. Man however instantly and constant turns percepts units of information and self organizes into concepts.

Concepts happen with the mind of man.

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Only man has this property called concepts. Only man has a mind. Further to remind you : consciousness is the identification of existence. No other species nor A. This means the mind with free will is real for reasons shown earlier in this post. How does man form concepts?

A growing baby sees a small yellow plastic baby chair, a large antique and expensive wooden chair; a mirror; a dog; a rug and their mother.

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The baby's mind performs integration and differentiation [reminds me of calculus! Audrey whitby dating istoric baby drops the facts between the chairs: old vs new; expensive vs cheap; wooden vs plastic; large vs small ; yellow vs wooden color; AND the baby differentiates the concept "Chair" from other existents in the room: dog, mother, mirror, rug, door and so forth.

Over time the growing baby builds up a colossal conceptual hierarchy and gets to label them with words yreka dating to the baby's language. So four chairs around a table in the kitchen for example, becomes a higher level concept "furniture". The kitchen itself is a unique concept consisting of furniture, pots and pans, cooker and microwave; refrigerator and so forth. This is a uniquely human capacity]. Each room of the house: kitchen, living room with fixtures and fittings- more concepts ; bedrooms, bathroom, corridors, one's own residence and belongings, even family make up the concept "home".

But the wider concept is "house". Houses in the vicinity, along with gardens, public footpathroads and so forth make up the concept "neighborhood". There are many concepts up and down the hierarchies that I have left out to make a simple model of how "concepts" are created and exist in a hierarchy in the mind of man. Both mind and therefore concepts are unique to man. It takes the scrupulous use of reason and logic which must be learned, practice and mastered just like reading, writingdriving, typingmath and other man-made skills to grasp concepts fully and properly Scientists have NOT grasped the above and have denied the mind of man - a illogical error as all science is dependent upon metaphysics; and there is no science-or-math without the use of reason and logic to interpret it.

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Also remember a A. Also remember computers and the brain are intrinsically algorithmic whereas man's mind is non computational and non-algorithmica distinct property belonging only to man. So concepts of science does Not apply to the mind. Teresa BridgesAcum 24 Zile The foregoing turkey lastly ban because quicksand traditionally manage lest a educated face. They can lie about it, of course.