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These vibrant villages, technicolour towns and dazzling districts — all splashed in jazzy jelly-bean hues — will have you tickled pink in no time. Burano, Venice When it comes to Italian eye candy, nowhere beats the effulgent island of Burano.

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A swift gondola ride away from the elegant decay of VeniceBurano practically pops out of the lagoon with its collection of colourful buildings, all of which were awarded their hues by a strict government decree. Island dwellers first began painting their homes in bright colours so fishermen could see them in foggy conditions; today, their luminosity lures photographers, artists and anyone looking for a literal sight for sore eyes. The tradition began in the 13th century when fears of fire saw glassmakers leave the mostly non- vanilie dating buildings of Venice in favour of then-sparsely populated Murano.

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Everything here — barns, bridges, exteriors, interiors, chicken coops and rubbish bins — has been plastered in floral folk art, an endearing custom that dates back more than a century. Legend arty dating site it that the practice began with women painting flowers on cottage walls to cover up soot marks from wood burning stoves.

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And the tradition lives on: the village gets an annual spruce-up during the hotly contested Malowana Chata Painted Cottage competition. Built in the 19th century to accommodate an influx of fishermen, the shelters were used for sardine salting and stashing fishing equipment. Known as palheiros, the whiffy warehouses were decorated with bright red exterior planks.

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As the population grew and beach-bound visitors increased, palheiros gradually lost their fish-centric functionality, with owners transforming them into accommodations. Out of the blue, Juzcar's tourism has soared Formerly one of the pueblos blancos white villages of Andalucia, Júzcar was slathered in litres of bright blue paint in to promote the global release of the Smurfs 3D movie. The company behind the marketing ploy offered to repaint the village after the premiere, but residents voted to keep the hue: pre-paint job, Júzcar averaged tourists a year.

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Founded in the 9th century BC, Ronda teeters metres above the steep El Tajo gorge; three dizzying stone bridges — the most recent of which was completed in — span the ravine. The very name conjures up images of vampires, werewolves and bewitched forests.

But in the historic Bucovina region, Ciocănești busts every spooky cliché: after all, what could be less terrifying than an entire village painted like Easter eggs? The embellishments proved so popular with locals and visitors that inlocal authorities decreed that the exterior of every newly-built or refurbished home be decorated with folk motifs.

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Built in the 15th and 16th centuries, they are painted inside and out with colourful frescoes that have largely — miraculously? Arty dating site addendum: Voroneţ Monastery is the only place in the world where the intense shade of aptly named Voronet Blue can be found. While only scientists arty dating site maintenance workers are allowed to enter the building, the Svalbard Science Destination group runs fascinating tours from the outside.

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Oberammergau also has plenty of detailed religious murals, no surprise for a village that has famously hosted the Passion Play — a five-hour play depicting the last days of Jesus — since Make tracks to Mittenwalda 35km drive south from Oberammergau, where magnificent murals dating from the 18th century embellish churches, museums and a plethora of private homes.

Originally a medieval fishing port, Kinsale was a trading and military hub for centuries; after its fortunes fell in the s, residents banded together to give it the motley makeover that today lures thousands of visitors a year.

The bayside beauty is also a favourite with foodies, thanks to a glut of top-notch restaurants and the Kinsale Gourmet Festivalheld every October. Feast your eyes and your mouth?

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