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Versuri biblice pe subiect: Alimente -> Viaţă

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Gaara e un personaj din Naruto. Glomp Kankuro and squeal I wuv you big bwother!

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Go out with Keiko 3. Go out with Kaede 4.

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Cross his eyes and mumble Chocolate monkeys are eating my brain 5. Fly around on his sand and do a little dance whil chanting Me da Kazekage bitches ha-ha 6.

Not die in Shippuuden 8.

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Try to erase dating grouper rings around his eyes Try to bleach his hair by himself Admit to himself that Temari is in fact his sister Let Temari do his hair Star in a Hollywood movie as a happy drunk Introduce Sakura as Hag Support Sandcest Get a paper cut Get out his old teddy bear and hug it Play pokeman Yellow version Sprain his ankle Sing about crap in the shower Play the dating game and lose Hug a random kid because he used please and thank you Lay in the grass and stargaze Take life as it comes Tell the whole Room exactly how badly he needs to pee Drink a soda and say Eek!

I can feel the bubbles in intestines! Sleep Go out for burgers with Kuranai Call a the reject hotline and tell the women on the other end that she is a meany Forgive me for writing this about him Join his own fanclub You should try it Fall in love with every single one of his fan girls at once Give Kankuro a full girls makeup job Join a Conga like to the Song White Boy Do the Macarena Think Ang dating ikaw versuri man is the Hottest ever Call Ang dating ikaw versuri a Poopoo Head Start Saying un at the end of every sentence Type Temagaa on Google to see what it is Make a quilt with all of his, Kankuros and Temaris childhood memories Get rid to the LOVE symbol on his head Wear flowers in his hair and sing The Sound of Music