Amish datând non- amish

amish datând non- amish

Love comes at all times and for all ages!

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Young Amish datând non- amish Fern was diagnosed with a chronic illness in her early twenties, she knew it would limit her abilities to be a good Amish wife. And with Dan, the object of her affection, in a serious relationship, there didn't seem much point in dating. But Dan is now single, and he seems to be taking notice of Fern. She'll need a strong dose of courage to talk down the fear her illness has brought on if she ever wants to pursue her dreams.

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Second-Chance Love--Benjamin and Lora Beth both lost spouses not long into their young marriages and connect over letters, exchanging recipes and commiseration as their now-grown children try to coddle them.

They're only in their forties, for heaven's sake!

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The letters quickly reveal a deep friendship. When you've already had a great love, how do you learn to fall in love again?

Never Too Late--Jerald is a committed old bachelor.

He loves nothing more than good Amish food and giving his best friend's wife, Regina, a hard time. When people have asked--and believe him, people have asked--he's always said he'll marry when he finds the right woman.

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It's just never happened in his seventy years. Until he tastes the best blueberry pie and discovers the woman behind it: Regina's best friend, Elva.

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