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Section IV. In addition, civil associations wishing to perform religious functions may organize under a separate provision of the law. There were continued reports of the slow pace of restitution of confiscated properties, especially to scrie profilul online dating Greek Catholic Church and the Jewish community.

During the year, the government rejected restitution claims for confiscated religious properties and approved 48, compared with claims rejected and 52 approved in ; it approved no claims for the Greek Catholic Church.

Minority religious groups continued to state that national and local governments gave preference to the ROC, and they reported incidents of government discrimination against them, including exclusive ROC representation at many government-sponsored events. In May a town with an ethnic Romanian majority erected a monument and Orthodox-style crosses in the Valea Uzului war cemetery, sparking protests by a neighboring, majority-Catholic town with an ethnic Hungarian majority.

american gypsy dating website

Security forces deployed at a counterprotest in June to keep the two sides apart. Minority religious groups continued to report harassment of their congregations by ROC priests and adherents, including verbal harassment, along with the blocking of their access to cemeteries.

In April media reported vandalism at a Jewish cemetery in the town of Husi, where individuals destroyed dozens of headstones.

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The president of american gypsy dating website Federation of American gypsy dating website Communities in Romania stated the vandalism was the culmination of a series of anti-Semitic acts in the town; no suspects were detained. Some media outlets continued to depict largely Muslim migrants as a threat because of their religion.

Executive Summary

In March the news site evz. On February 26, the National Anti-Discrimination Council released the results of a survey showing a majority of Romanians expressed high levels of distrust towards Muslims 68 percentJews 46 percentand other religious minorities 58 percent.

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A European Commission EC Eurobarometer survey published in January reported 6 percent of respondents believed anti-Semitism was a problem in the country, and 67 percent did not.

According to the findings of a separate EC study on perceptions of discrimination published in September, 43 percent of respondents believed discrimination on the basis of religion or belief was widespread in Romania, while 51 percent said it was rare.

The U. Ambassador at Large for Religious Freedom met with government officials to discuss anti-Semitism, Holocaust remembrance issues, and the general position of the Orthodox Church in the country.

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In meetings with the general secretary of the government, U. Embassy officials facilitated meetings between the World Jewish Restitution Organization WJRO and government officials to help speed the processes of property restitution and pensions for Holocaust survivors. The Ambassador participated in Holocaust commemorations and spoke out against religious intolerance in the country.

american gypsy dating website

Using its Facebook page, the embassy emphasized respect for religious freedom and condemned anti-Semitic incidents. Section I. Religious Demography The U. According to a census by the government, ROC adherents constitute According to the census, there are approximatelyGreek Catholics; however, Greek Catholics estimate their numbers atAtheists and nonbelievers represent less than 1 percent of the population.

Section I. Religious Demography

Of the 64, Muslims accounted for in the census, 43, live in the southeast near Constanta. Most Greek Catholics reside in Transylvania.

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Protestants of various denominations and Roman Catholics reside primarily in Transylvania. Orthodox and Greek Catholic ethnic Ukrainians live mostly in the north.

american gypsy dating website

Orthodox ethnic Serbs are primarily in Banat. Members of the Armenian Apostolic Church are concentrated in Moldavia and the south. Section II. Status of Government Respect for Religious Freedom Legal Framework The constitution prohibits restricting freedom of thought, opinion, conscience, or religious beliefs, as well as forcing individuals to espouse a religious belief contrary to their convictions. The constitution states religious denominations shall be autonomous and enjoy state support, including the facilitation of religious assistance in the army, hospitals, penitentiaries, retirement homes, and orphanages.

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