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With innovative controls, AA makes you explore this strange and beautiful scenery that is life itself while using your wit to make your way through different memories.

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Memories are symbolic, fragmented and complex, so the journey will be full of subtle beauty and poetry. The result is a game as minimalistic as intense: overwhelmed by huge celestial bodies, we will get to know and understand Annie Amber fictional character as if she were a close friend of us.

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Annie Amber is meant to be player with motion controllers. Use them to travel and interact with the environment and the puzzle elements.

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On the other hand, if you don't have motion controllers you can still play the game activating the mode without motion controllers.

This innovative system amber dating fx the minimalistic and subtle approach of the whole game, while enhancing the immersion of the player.

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With no external controllers at all aside from your hands or your headthe player will be a silent explorer while also being able of experiencing VR at its fullest.

A whole new world of possibilities is about to emerge from this technology, and Annie Amber is a beautiful and intuitive way of embracing it for the first time while also being good enough for VR pros.

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