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Quotes 2 Quotes Norton Drake : According to archaeological dating, we know the aliens have visited this planet for the last 2, years. They have periodically visited many places on Earth using several different kinds alien dating site spaceships.

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Now the oldest ship datând în jurul jhb we've encountered was at the Westeskiwin Indian Reservation. This was a walking spaceship, over years old. In this century, we know the aliens arrived on the East Coast of the United States in late October on a reconnaissance mission.

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The main invasion force arrived inas it apparently did around the world. The aliens would have conquered the planet if they had not succumbed to our bacteria. Now the United States and Canadian governments placed what they thought were the remains of dead aliens into steel drums, and these drums were placed in different dump sites throughout the continental United States and Canada. One of the dump sites, a secret facility called Fort Jericho in Northern Nevada, was the first confirmed location of an alien resurrection.

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There was a large number of steel drums in storage. About half a year ago, a few of these drums accidentally came into contact with radiation. The radiation neutralized the bacteria we thought had killed the aliens, and they came back to life.

The aliens searched out their war machines from the invasion of stored in Hangar 15 at Kellogue Air Force Base and mounted a lethal attack.

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Fortunately, we were able to sabotage the ships with explosives, and they were destroyed. Suzanne McCullough : At this point we can only estimate how many aliens are in the United States and Canada, somewhere between 1, and 5, Harrison Blackwood : This number keeps growing.

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Now we first discovered aliens at the site of what appeared to be a terrorist operation. We were investigating the scene, alien dating site we think it started here at Fort Jericho.

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Six empty barrels dated were found, and barrels were missing: all those dated as well as barrels of raw radioactive waste, presumably as a radiation source to revive more aliens. Aliens walked the Earth again, and we let them get away. Now we've had contact with a renegade mutant alien named Quinn. He has confirmed our worst suspicions: the aliens' goal is world domination.

In four short years, a force of millions of aliens are scheduled to arrive here. So let's see what we're dealing with.

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Suzanne McCullough : Structurally, they're more like jellyfish than mammals. By examining DNA molecules, it appears that the aliens possess humans using a cell-phase matching technique. The alien cells literally overtake the human cells through osmosis. As a result, they have access to the host body's intelligence, and can control them physically and yet there is no outward way for anyone to know.

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Physiologically, the aliens have a liquid core which carries neurological information as well as arterial matter. Their stable, upright carriage is supported by a web-like musculature structure. Harrison Blackwood : The alien stands between 5½ and 7 feet tall.

It has a cyclops eye in the center of its forehead and it is a biped. It's got three fingers, three toes, and three arms.

Apparently, it has no skeletal structure per se. Suzanne McCullough : One of the aliens' most remarkable characteristics is their ability to osmose into the human body - actually meld their body into ours. We have footage that was taken by a local news photographer.

Harrison Blackwood : Aliens have never possessed animals or children. Because of this, we theorize they need a certain minimal mass to occupy.

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They can be anywhere and they can be anyone: soldiers, waitresses, bikers, the homeless, paramedics-they can take over just about anyone. Once they took over Beeton, California, an abandoned irradiated town, and they stocked it with aliens. They took over an abandoned warehouse where they brought humans for the aliens to possess. The most frightening thing of all: they have absolutely no regard for human life. Not since Nazi Germany has the world witnessed such callous and brutal alien dating site of human beings.

They mutilate and maim. To them, we're an inferior species and they treat us like one. Now we know the alien threat is real Unless we transcend partisanship and we begin to cooperate, we may just as well hand the Earth over to them right now.

Norton Drake : Okay. Here are some examples based on eyewitness reports of the aliens utilizing everyday items to make high-tech tools and devices. There's a report from Canada where kitchen appliances were jury-rigged to alien dating site aplicații standard de dating standard receivers and locators.

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And a story from New Jersey where the aliens were seen using a vacuum cleaner-like device to locate an alien warship buried underground. They've even used their technology to create artwork unlike anything we've ever seen before. We also believe that they can communicate over light-years in a matter of seconds using their make-shift devices. So, as we've seen, the alien fassbender michael dating runs from the lethal to the sublime.

Harrison Blackwood : The closest that we've ever come to actually examining an alien artifact was in an automated power plant North of San Francisco. The aliens had taken over the facility, brutally killed every single member of the crew, and then had gone on to set up this bizarre device.

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When I finally found the aliens we'd been looking for, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a device using a logic system far unto ours in every way. It was fascinating. After they'd gone, Dr. McCullough and I went up to examine this strange alien handiwork. It worked like a distillery, reducing human brains to their very essence, and then one very potent drop of that extract would drip into the sick alien's mouth, curing it.

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But apparently they'd anticipated us, and the device was booby-trapped, and disintegrated immediately upon touch. Clearly, they do not want anyone to get ahold of their technology. See also.