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Population: 34, CIA est. Language: Arabic officialFrench, Berber dialects.

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Date of independence: 5th of July National Day: Revolution Day; 1 November. Algeria Al Jaza'ir is algiers dating second largest country in Africa after Sudan. It is situated in the North.

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It is mostly high Plateau and desert, with mountainous coastal plains. The countries climate is influence by the deserts of North Africa, with arid to semiarid vegitations.

It has mild wet winters with hot dry summers along the coast and on the high plateaux.

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Algeria has a very rich cultural heritage dating back to several thousand years BC. The Barbers are thought to have inhabited the country long before the birth of the Roman Empire. Their culture and history would then be influenced by the rise and fall of several empires including the Roman, Spanish and Ottoman Empires, and by the coming of the Arabs who presently constitutes a very large per cent of the Algerian population.

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Algiers is the present capital and largest city in Algeria. Agriculture is a very important aspect of life in Algeria and products include; wheat, barley, oats, grapes, olives, sheep and cattle among others.