A renunțat la dating

Am renunțat o lună să mai agăț bărbați să văd cum mi se schimbă viața

Michael and Sarah pictured at an art exhibition. Actor, journalist and model, Michael Hoch 49 from Duisburg, Germany, first met volunteer student, Sarah Schopp 20 from Wuppertal, Germany, at a theatre inwhen she was just 17 years old.

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Throughout the day they kept bumping into each other and when she was serving drinks at the counter, he was drawn to her shy personality and smile. Michael decided to track her down on Facebook and sent her a message but despite being attracted to him, Sarah was reluctant to date him due to their age gap and just wanted to stay friends.

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However, after a month of chatting, they couldn? While Sarah?

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Even though their families are happy with their relationship, Michael has received some backlash over his relationship from his acting director which prompted him to quit his job. But after three years of remaining a strong couple, they are now proving doubters wrong and enjoy living in the moment. Bărbatul a devenit defensiv în fața criticilor aduse.

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Actorul Michael Hoch, în vârstă de 49 de ani și-a cunoscut marea iubire, pe Sarah Schoop, în anulîntr-un teatru, când ea avea doar 17 ani. Citeste si:.

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